Exposing the myth about "multi-ethnic Kosovo"

The cover of "Living Marxism" from 1992

Watch John Bosnitch and Kristian Kahrs (Norwegian journalist who used to serve with KFOR) exposing the myth about the "multi-ethnic Kosovo (oh, and lets not forget the * part) with international observers concerned with human rights and law"( read EULEX). 

John Bosnitch:"It is not surprising that a very high percentage of the blacks who served in the American forces in this region have spoken to journalists like me and said ‘we understand what you’re going through, because that’s what we went through in the white America’, so we may not have the black skin, but we are treated as white niggers of Europe every day, in the media, on the streets in Kosovo, in front of our religious ceremonies, if we go to international conferences, if we raise our objections… I mean… you know… if a Serb is killed in cold blood, in 2012 in his home or in her home in Kosovo, what’s that called? Is that called a race or ethnically motivated killing? No, that’s called a revenge killing. So if you kill somebody in revenge killing obviously they must have been guilty of something and although we don’t in principle agree with revenge, well you know it happens. And so the value of Serbian life is nothing, zero."

Regarding the term " white niggers", here is an excerpt from the article The Serbs 'White Niggers' of the New World Order" published in "Living Marxism" in 1992[1]:


"The image of Serbia as the new villain of world affairs has been artificially constructed by the Western powers for their own purposes. The Serbs, and the other peoples of the old Yugoslavia, have got caught up in the crossfire of the struggle for influence in the post-Cold War world. 

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet bloc removed the old communist bogey, the Western elites have been trying to set up surrogate enemies, against which they can demonstrate their power and fulfil their self-appointed role as the champions of right. The Serbs are the latest people to be demonised for this purpose. 

It is the latest round of Great Power politics, rather than the internal affairs of the former Yugoslav republics, which explains why Serbia has been singled out. The Serbs have been deliberately set up as the 'white niggers' of the new world order, and subjected to the sort of propaganda treatment which Western imperialists have usually reserved for Arabs or blacks - or, in the British case, for the Irish. 

Bonn started it 

The campaign to criminalise the Serbs began last year as a German initiative. The German government escalated the conflict in Yugoslavia by coming out in support of 'civilised' Croatia against 'barbaric' Serbia, and forcing the rest of the EC states to follow its lead. Germany used its intervention against the Serbs as a way of stamping its authority on the whole of Europe, and demonstrating that it was no longer prepared to act as a tame sidekick of the USA in international affairs (see R Knight, 'Croatia: Germany's Gulf War?', Living Marxism, December 1991). 

This year, however, as the focus of the fighting has shifted from Croatia to Bosnia, the American authorities have taken over the leading role in the anti-Serb crusade. President George Bush, backed by Major, has pushed the UN into imposing sanctions on Belgrade and got Nato to fire warning shots at Serbia, in a bid to re-establish the waning authority of the USA within the Western Alliance. 

Great Power rivals 

The timing of the moves in May's diplomatic offensive against Serbia reveals the real motives behind American policy. On Friday 22 May, chancellor Kohl of Germany and president Mitterrand of France announced their intention to push ahead with the proposal for a 35 000-strong joint Franco-German army corps. Such a force would be an obvious rival to the US-led Nato alliance. 

On the evening of that very same day, and after consulting with Major, US secretary of state Baker called upon 'the civilised world' to impose political and economic sanctions against Serbia. And if those sanctions eventually failed to have the desired effect, 'it would be my view to take a look at questions involving military matters'. Days later, the Nato governments agreed, under American pressure, to the principle of intervening militarily in future European conflicts. Not to be outdone, the German foreign ministry raised the stakes again by declaring that it had not yet ruled out an armed intervention in Bosnia. 

Nato rules 

The US administration had wanted no part of the campaign against Serbia when the Germans were leading the charge. Now, however, it has become a handy excuse for Washington (and London) to play up the importance of their military alliance, Nato, as against the emerging Euro-army run from Bonn and Paris. That is the main reason why Serbs have suddenly appeared all over our newspapers depicted as monkeys and mass murderers. 

Perhaps the worst aspect of this whole affair has been the way that the old left has gone along with, and indeed tried to lead, the demonisation of the Serbs. Such left-wing Labour MPs as Ken Livingstone and Tony Benn have previously attacked Western governments for failing to impose sanctions on Serbia. As long as six months ago, the radical journal New Statesman and Society published an article calling for Britain to 'bomb Serbia'. And the editorial and letters pages of supposedly liberal papers like the Guardian and Independent now carry almost-daily attacks on the Serbs. This support from the left has helped to lend moral authority to the Western powers' self-serving crusade. 

Where next? 

Living Marxism has seen the unfolding conflict somewhat differently. An editorial back in the December 1991 edition noted the early attempts by Germany and the European right to scapegoat the Serbs, and concluded that 'if the West's latest propaganda campaign is pursued to its ultimate conclusion, Serbia may well suffer Iraq's fate of being blown off the map'. That fate has been brought a step closer by the latest round of Western power politics being played out primarily at the Serbs' expense. 

We were promised that a peaceful 'new world order', would follow the end of the Cold War. That new era began with the destruction of Iraq, and has now moved on to an attempt to crush Serbia. Where will the West's 'peace dividend' strike next?"

1- http://listserv.icors.org/scripts/wa-ICORS.exe?A2=ind9912&L=CHOMSKY&D=0&P=85062

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