Srebrenica and the historical context of the Yugoslav civil war

Serbs, according to the average google user

Couple of days ago those of us who follow the situation in Libya closely, were anxiously watching 108morris108 you tube chanel, an anti-imperialistic chanel that usually shows an alternative narrative about Libyan, Syrian and other ongoing conflicts through short interviews with people there. As you may or may not know, Bani Walid, a hometown of the Libya's biggest tribe Warfalla, is under siege by the neocolonial puppet "government" forces, but mostly by the enraged Misrata militias. Morris was inteviewing a young Libyan doctor who was appealing for help and siezefire and pointing out the shortages in Bani Walid's only hospital, the number of wounded and dead. At some point, the doctor warned that if this situation was to continue "Misrata will do Srebrenica to Bani Walid". This was probably said to in order to inspire some reaction in the people from the West who's only knowledge of Srebrenica was what they were informed by the mass media during the Yugoslav civil war, hence linking the word "genocide" with Srebrenica.

As you can imagine, this statement that even came to be the title for the video, got some negative reaction by the Serbs who were the loudest in voicing their support for Gaddafi, for the Libyan sovereignty and their opposition to NATO intervention in Libya and who are following Morris's chanel for a year or more now. One thing led to another and Morris wanted to learn more about the conflict in Yugoslavia as he admitted being poorly informed about Srebrenica, knowing only what he read in Wikipedia and MSM propaganda reports.

The first in what could lead to a series of videos on this subject, is an interview with a foreigner living in Serbia Joaquin Flores.  

The next short video was an interview with Natalija Soto, a Serb from Belgrade who mentioned some of historical roots of the conflict that would violently burst in the '90 in former Yugoslav republics.

Morris is now looking for someone from the other sides involved in the Yugoslav civil war who would like to talk about it and hopefully we will have a chance to watch another video with Natalija, cause 5 minutes was not nearly enough for such a complex topic. It is my hope that we will manage to keep the discussion civil and not fall into that trap of throwing dirt at one another as usual, I would much prefer to throw dirt at our common enemies, if we can agree on who they are. 

Having said that, my heart goes to the innocent victims on all sides and I hope that the understanding of the destruction of Yugoslavia can help Libyans and Syrians learn some important lessons.

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