Serbs remain on the barricades, K.F.O.R. backs off, for the time being...

  Stefan Živković

01:40 p.m. Rudare, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia
American and Slovenian NATO forces arrived around 01:40 p.m in armored vehicles to the Serbian barricades in Rudare village and they threatened the local Serbian population that if people do not remove barricades and open the road towards check point Brnjak in two hours time, K.F.O.R.  will do it by force!

07:00 p.m. KOSOVO AND METOHIA, Serbs remain at the barricades- 29.07.2011

 07:33 p.m. The agreement was achieved for the K.F.O.R. to retrieve. " Don't celebrate this, let's see these people off with dignity. We are close to achieving the agreement on all of the issues, but we have to continue the talks. Stay calm and dignified. General Biler realized that everything is better than the conflict." said Borko Stefanovic.

07:35 p.m. "Please stay just the way you were today. Even the smallest incident will gravely endanger the efforts that, not only we, but also the state leadership is making. There is a perception in Pristina that we at north, are people who try to achieve everything by force. Today, we showed them that's not true. " the Minister for Kosovo and Metohia, Goran Bogdanovic said, addressing the gathered crowd in Rudare.

07:41 p.m. "General Biler said that K.F.O.R. is retreating tonight, but that next time they won't tolerate any barricades and certainly use force to facilitate the freedom of movement" said the Mayor of the municipality Zvecani, Dragisa Milovic.

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