Staged Riots at Northern Kosmet

That something is "rolling behind the hill" became obvious when the Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Ivica Dacic stated that he " is worried about the possibility of violent integration of Kosovo and Metohia and the repeating of another exodus such as 'Storm' " After this statement, the situation at the administrative crossings in the north of the province started escalating and culminated by the Jarinje check-point being set on fire
According to the mainstream media, the check-point was set on fire by the group of young men covering their heads with masks and hoods, who previously threw torches and Molotov at the K.F.O.R. members. The reports state that these are extremists who were deaf to the pleads of Kosmet Serbs not to provoke chaos.

Is it possible that these are the same "extremists" who, by the Intelligence Service's orders, for years now, interrupt rallies, rob stores, attack police and set buildings on fire, any time the citizens try to legitimately and peacefully express their discontent?

If we consider the fact that these groups contain a lot of football fans, it becomes clear that the Secret services are behind it,because some state officials earlier openly admitted that the leaders of the football fans are in the service of political parties.
Besides, it was revealed that the football fans, "extremists" and "right wing organizations" are led by the foreign secret services, mainly by the CIA , who uses them to cause riots. That way, the authorities are given the reason to impose even bigger control, more video surveillance cameras, more police state.

In the case of the riots in the north of Kosmet, the "extremists" serve the purpose of giving the reason to impose even more stringent control on the so called administrative crossings, but also for what the Minister Dacic called "the new Storm", which would result in the displacement of those few remaining Serbs who stayed in Kosovo and Metohia.

Original article "Режирани нереди на северу Космета" by "Srbija Danas" 28.07.2011

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