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A private medical clinic in Kosovo called "Medicus" was used to carry out the kidney operations
A private medical clinic in Kosovo  and Metohija, called "Medicus" was used to carry out the kidney operations. 
A group of  people, including a former senior health ministry official and a surgeon, have been charged in connection with an international organ trafficking network.
Eulex, the police and justice mission in Kosovo, said the group was charged with offences of trafficking human organs, organised crime and abusing official authority, while two others had also been charged with unlawful exercise of medical activities.
In an indictment seen by the Associated Press, the group of suspects are accused of trafficking people into Kosovo and Metohija for the purpose of removing human organs for transplantstion to other persons, human trafficking, organised crime, unlawful exercise of medical activity, and abuse of official position or authority.
The trial began in October 2011  is expected to continue into 2012.

Moshe Harel [interpol], one of the main defendants in the inquiry into organ trafficking and illegal transplants over the past few years in Pristina's Medicus clinic has been arrested in Israel [today] .
Another key defendant in this case is the Turkish doctor Yusuf Sonmez [interpol]who  press has labelled the ''monster'' and ''Dr Frankenstein'', arrested in Istanbul in January 2011. 
Four other Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija, doctors Sokol Hajdini and Driton Jilta, and anaesthetists, Islam Bytyqi and Sylejman Dulla, are also indicted.

The owner of the Medicus Clinic in Pristina,  Lutfi Dervishi is also linked to the Kosovo Liberation Army's alleged kidnapping and killing of Serb civilians for their organs. 
The owner of the Medicus Clinic in Pristina,  Lutfi Dervishi is also linked to the Kosovo Liberation Army's alleged kidnapping and killing of Serb civilians for their organs
Lutfi Dervishi (center)  Photo: AP   
Despite the loud words of the international community to the effect that criminals have no nationality, it is very hard to deny the fact of the 10-year-long “demonization” of the Serbs by the Western media. What appeared as a result was Dick Marti’s report about the “black market” transplantology in Kosovo and about the involvement of the current Kosovo and Metohija ruling clique in this dirty business, which came as a bombshell.
Report about Kosovo organ trafficking, Dick Marty

Canadian Organ Transplant Recipient Testifies In Medicus Case

A Canadian man testified that he paid €80,000 (US$105,000) to an Israeli national in exchange for a kidney transplant in a Kosovo clinic implicated in an international organ trafficking scandal.  
According to the prosecution, his testimony helped “crystallize” the operations of organized criminals operating in Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and Israel.

Toronto resident Raul Fain, 66, said he sought a kidney in Kosovo after being told he could wait up to 12 years for an organ transplant in his home country.  Organ removal and transplant is illegal in Kosovo.
Via video link, Fain was shown photographs of the Medicus clinic, where he confirmed he was taken for his June 2008 surgery.

A gang of Kosovan[*] organ traffickers operated an elaborate international network that traded in the organs of people ...

Until 1998, the KLA was on United States’ list of the most dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations in the world
Hashim Tachi :
Charismatic leadership theory - or how to turn a terrorist into "a respectable" diplomat
 "A SUCCESSFUL" referendum on Kosovo’s[*] European future was how Hashim Thaci (pictured), the prime minister, described Kosovo’s[*] general election on December 12th, its first since "independence" in 2008. Mr Thaci’s Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) claims to have won the election, with 33.5% of the vote. But the news since the polls closed has been so bad that this future cannot be taken for granted.

Almost immediately, election observers said there had been widespread electoral fraud. Just two days later, a draft report was released by the Council of Europe implicating Thaci in drug smuggling and murder. The report, compiled by Dick Marty, a Swiss politician and former prosecutor, is explosive. Much of the ground it covers is familiar, but Mr Marty  to have found corroborating evidence for stories that had previously been dismissed for "lack of solid evidence".
Hashim Tachi (middle) with  KLA gang 
The most devastating claim is that  Thaci and his group of former guerrilla commanders from the central region of Drenica were responsible for the murder of Serb and other prisoners for their kidneys in Albania in 1999.

Albanian Hashim Thaci is the named leader responsible for trafficking in Serbian organs. Swiss authorities have already said that Thaci was implicated in ordering killings of his political opponents.

Since then, says the report, several foreign agencies dedicated to combating drug trafficking have identified  Thaci as having exerted violent control over the region’s heroin trade
America and Kosovo’s[*] other foreign friends have tolerated this nastiness. [1]

Another story the West avoids mentioning is Hashim Thaci’s involvement in criminal organizations.
Another story the West avoids mentioning is Hashim Thaci’s
involvement in criminal organizations.
Many in the West do not want Hashim Thaci and other Kosovo[*] Albanian figures to testify during the investigation of the human organ trafficking case. All of those figures are always welcome in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, etc. The US administration does not need the truth about the human organ trafficking for political reasons ...
Until 1998, the KLA was on United States’ list of the most dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations in the world. But the Clinton administration decided to switch horses in mid-stream and remove these labels. [1a]
Hashim Thaci with Sejdiju and George Bush 
A Council of Europe report into organ trafficking in Kosovo linked the Medicus case to a wider criminal network in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which began trading in organs in 1999. A faction within the armed gangs loyal to Thaci has been accused of overseeing a racket involving Serb captives.
A "handful" were said, in the report, to have been shot in the head, then had their kidneys extracted. It is believed the kidneys were flown to Istanbul in ischemia bags.  [3]

Center for Trafficking
The EU has administered the courts in Kosovo[*] since 2008, the year the country the size of Connecticut declared independence from Serbia after a civil war. Ratel, who arrived in March 2010 as part of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo[*], says the country has become a center for organ trafficking.

Ratel built a case against nine doctors, hospital administrators and recruiters on charges of buying and selling kidneys for patients in Georgia, Germany, Israel, Poland and Ukraine, as well as Canada and the United States.
The trial began in October and is expected to continue into 2012. He has sought assistance from investigators in 11 countries in the case.
Ratel says he’s stunned by the callousness of the criminals who run the organ rings.
Traffickers in Kosovo[*] threatened one kidney seller with death if he testified in court, so the court had the man placed into a witness protection program. [2]

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* - Kosovo and Metohija is the accurate name of this Southern province of Serbia, but the KLA propaganda, supported and disseminated by their western cohorts, have been so succesful in their manipulation of the public opinion that even non-biased reports about this issue and question the self-proclaimed "independence" use only the term "Kosovo" when reffering to this province.

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