War is a Crime: 12 Babies died, the hospital appealed to the international community for help, but it was refused.

Monument in Banja Luka: 12 Little Stars
In 22th  May 1992, twelve newborn babies in the Banja Luka hospital died due to the lack of oxygen caused by the blockade.

The death of 12 newborn babies in Banja Luka was a tragic crime during the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when 12 infants died at the Banja Luka Hospital neonatal intensive care unit, because of the lack of oxygen needed for their treatment. 
As soon as they heard about the emergency, that babies are out of oxygen and that they are dying, without hesitating a moment, local mechanics and workers, and everyone who had a bottle of oxygen on himself which served different purpose: for repairs, supplies, fixing, welding, useful and necessary in the blaze of war, they headed towards Paprikovac Maternity Ward, even with horse wagon. But it just wasn't enough...

I don't know how many people know the background to this, but in 1992 during the war Banja Luka was cut off from Serbia which was providing water, electricity, fuel, among other things. 
The hospital in Banja Luka appealed to the international community for help, but it was refused. 

The lack of oxygen occurred because Serb territories were blocked by Croat and Muslim military forces.

At the time, Croat and Muslim forces held the “Posavina Corridor”, the corridor linking the Bosnian Krajina region with Serbia, under blockade.  This made it impossible to bring the required oxygen to Banja Luka by land.

The only possible way to transport the oxygen was by air, but since the Security Council had established a no-fly zone over BiH, the airplane bringing the oxygen from Belgrade was not allowed to make the flight.

As a result, 12 babies died due to a lack of necessary oxygen that day. I find it incredibly tragic that 12 lives (now a 13th) were lost before they could even start. 

1. Dusanka Djukic
2. Zivka Knezevic
3. Fatima Dedic
4. Zeljka Tubic
5. Zilha Murica-Delic
6. Safeta Medic
7. Nadja Puska
8. Dragoslava Maric
9. Milena Sandic
10. Dragica Komljenovic
11. Majda Djuran
12. Vladimir Raus Grozda

13. Sladjana Kobas

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