Batajnica 2012: We do not want NATO killers on Serbian sky

Delighted citizens posing next to the banner "NATO FUCK OFF"

In the campaign, "We do not want NATO killers on Serbian sky" activist of organizations Serbian National Movement OURS, KANON and Serbian Step, as well as a number of citizens present, booed the delegations of U.S. and NATO in front of the F16 aircraft at the air show "Batajnica 2012" in Belgrade, according to statement that arrived at the address of our editorial board.

People chanted slogans against NATO and the United States, one of which was: "Fuck, fuck, NATO pact". A few had even spat on the military symbols of the U.S. military and NATO, so members of the Serbian Army had to remove them, according to the statement.
Then in front of the U.S. plane they opened a banner saying "NATO fuck off" , which delighted the citizens, who approached to be photographed next to a banner.

Through this action, the activists of these organizations wanted to make it clear that United States and NATO, "the killers of Serbian people, that savagely bombed us in 1999. are not welcome on Serbian sky!"



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