Mila Aleckovic-Nikolic: Libya and the French "Botulism"

Mila Aleckovic

Great article by Mila Aleckovic-Nikolic, written last year, during the military aggression on Libya. I can not translate the whole article, since Mila is a master of using Serbian language in such a way that any translation I could accomplish wouldn't do it justice. Here is just an excerpt so you who don't understand Serbian, can get a taste of true Serbian resistance that this woman embodies.

"Philosopher Jean-Baptiste Botul who "wrote" the book "The Sexual Life of Emmanuel Kant" never existed, and that name, as the book itself are entirely fictitious. Invented by a group of French authors who wanted to show what the clinical picture of an ambitious megalomaniac hysteric, who continually confabulates, invents and falsifies, looks like. And they succeeded.

Self-proclaimed philosopher Bernard Henri Levy/ Source

The so-called philosopher named Bernard Henri Levy, "swallowed the worms on top of the fishing pole" and in his book extensively quoted the non-existent philosopher Botul, praising him and comparing himself with him, in addition to attacking the great ethicist Emmanuel Kant.
So on the surface, even for those who are poorly perceptible, finally broke out the true pathological character of this self-proclaimed person, who via some virus disaster, crawled even into the global politics."

She continues by describing how BHL, possessed by hysterical fervor of bored jet-set parasites with that unappeasable demand for some, even morbid, contextual entertainment, he bought a plain ticket for Benghazi, that he found reminescent of Sarajevo once upon a time, associated himself with a handfull of "opposition", and the rest is history... He was the first one to suggest France should bomb Libya. Aleckovic then states true reasons for the invasion of Libya, such as

1. Gaddafi's oil nationalization project

2. Gaddafi's creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown

3. Gaddafi setting up on their own feet the African Monetary Fund that was supposed to be an African "Robin Hood" in relation to the current predatory "International Monetary Fund"

4. Revenge of the offended Nicolas Sarkozy whose selfish project "Mediterranean Union" Colonel Gaddafi spoiled, not agreeing to the fact that this Union, according to Sarkozi's autistic imagination, was to be established WITHOUT Africa

To sum it up:

"But of course this certain philosopher BHL who "persuaded" Sarkozy to bomb Libya, is completely insignificant and non-existent as philosopher Botul himself, whom he quotes. He's just a rotten fingernail on a long finger that have already been pointed at Libya for awhile. Because that finger has long ago decided to create a bloodbath in that country."



  1. Serbia and Serbs are piece of worthless shit.


    1. I'm sorry You feel that way, hate can be very self-consuming and self-destructive and it prevents you from exploring things from another angle. It poisons your life and the lives of those arround you, especially next generations. Bad experience you might have had with some of our people obviously created certain preconceptions in you about Serbs in general. That is very common reaction, but I prefer not to judge the entire nation based on experience with some missled individuals or groups. And I would never say or write such a characterisation about Bosnian Muslims or Croats, even after all that transpired among us in the past. Regarding yourself though, I don't know you well enough, but based on your tendency towards generalisation and your comment about Jasenovac bringing a smile on your face- I must say you strike me as a selfish, blinded with hate, sadistic person who has no grasp of the role you play in the exploitation of the Balkans by neocolonial forces. We were all used in that geopolitical "divide and rule" game of Germany, France, Britain, and America, some of us understand that, some don't. I hope one day you admit it to yourself, because the way things are going your children and my children will be slaves and your country's and my country's wealth exploited by those who already have more than they need, while we still spend our time hating eachother.


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