Another provocation: 56 Serbian tombstones desecrated in Kosovo Polje

At the central cemetery in Kosovo Polje, in the past few days 56 Serbian gravestones have been destroyed, the Office for Kosovo and Metohija announced tonight.

They asked the international community to immediately find and punish the perpetrators of this vandalism as well as vandals who broke into a chapel of the church in Bresje village in Kosovo Polje, on Christmas Day. Office of KIM at the same time condemned "an attempt to conceal the truth by the so-called Kosovo government".

Desecrated Serbian tombstones /Photo Source

"In the past few days it was at the central cemetery in Kosovo Polje that 56 Serbian gravestones were destroyed, not in the village Makarabe as the Kosovo Police said in its report," the statement said. Office reminds UNMIK and OSCE that the tombstones in the Makarabe village were destroyed long ago and that Kosovo police grossly misuses that fact.
Source: Blic

This is just another in series of provocations targeting Serbs in the region. It looks like someone hopes that fear and anger that Serbs feel due to the obvious provocation from the Albanians with their monument for KLA terrorists in Presevo and now this, will lead to the escalation of violence. Maybe both sides should ask themselves- Who stands to gain most from this? 

I wonder what would the International Comunity do if the situation was reverse... Can you imagine Serbs destroying mosques or desecrating the place where Albanians burried their loved ones and no one in the International Comunity reacting to it? No? Neither can I. As it is, our authorities can't even remove the monument for the KLA terrorists in Presevo due to some stupid bureaucratic mess, so don't worry Albanians, there's no need to come and defend the terroristic legacy of your brothers from KLA. Apparently, anyone can have a monument built in Serbia, no matter how provocative that person or idea is to the local people. It looks like we don't have brothers or legacy to defend, in the eyes of the World. Or should I say, we're damned if we do, damned if we don't.

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