Voicing an opinion: Albanians desecrated Serb cemeteries and memorials from WW2

Desecrated Serb cemetary in Kosovo Polje (Beta)
Like we guessed in our previous post, the removal of the provocative memorial to UCPMB terrorists in Presevo, Southern Serbia, did result in another circle of violence in the region. Nothing new here, if you remember the statement of the former UCPMB commander about this action of Serbian police "giving Albanian councilors in three municipalities in southern Serbia a reason to voice their opinion on territorial autonomy”. We have long ago learned what "voicing an opinion" means in their book. 

I guess by "voicing an opinion" he meant the revenge that their Albanian brothers and former buddies in arms in Kosovo and Metohija have unleashed against their Serbian neighbours. The reaction was immediate.
On Sunday and Monday two firebombs were thrown at the municipal building in Kosovska Mitrovica, thankfully without victims. The perpetrators were once again quicker than either Kosovo police or KFOR that was stationed nearby which, of course, disspleased the local Serbs. Mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica Krstimir Pantić announced that "as of tomorrow, the Civil Defense will take over the responsibility of securing personal and property safety of the citizens and the municipality". 

Ethnic Albanians held a protest in Djakovica and then headed toward the nearby Serb Ortodox Monastery, but KPS and KFOR members prevented them from reaching the recently reconstructed structure (the monastery was burned down in 2004 riots)

Four Serb Ortodox cemetaries were desecrated overnight, in the villages Prilužje, Miloševo, Plemetina and Klokot (where 27 tombs were destroyed)

As reported in B92 article:

Beta news agency is reporting that explosives were used late on Sunday to blow up a tombstone on a cemetery plot belonging to a local Serb family in Prilužje

A memorial in the Serb enclave in Goraždevac, raised to honor the victims of NATO's 1999 bombing, and the Serb children gunned down while swimming in the Bistrica River in 2003, was also targeted. 

In Vitina, a memorial for the members of the WW2 anti-fascist resistance (NOV), was also attacked. A video has surfaced on YouTube showing a crowd destroying the memorial, with several members of the KPS standing by without attempting to prevent them."

It appears that the main role of this controversial memorial was to trigger another round of violence in the region and it all went according to that sinister plan. Voicing their opinion indeed...

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