CNN and BBC helping Albanians to ethnically cleanse North Kosovo Serbs?

Bomb has been thrown this morning on a Serb home in Zvečan.
More than twenty bombs have been thrown on Kosovo Serb houses since January this year.
Hundreds of Serb graves were desecrated.
Serb pupils were stoned while waiting for the bus.
No one was persecuted.
Not even one bomb was thrown on an Albanian house in retaliation.
Sneža Vučetić trying to console one of her two children,
injured when bomb was thrown on their home, 04.02.13.

The last bomb is significant because it comes amid the news that Albanian Rosu special forces (consisting mostly of former KLA fighters) intensified patrols around Serb areas and are behaving as if they are about to attack civilians. President of the Leposavić Municipality Dragiša Vasić said yesterday that Serbs are worried due to sudden suspicious increased presence and movements of ROSU forces in Serb areas.

"Serbs see it as a provocation, and as a possibility for an attempt of re-invasion, similar to July 2011, when ROSU tried to forcefully occupy North Kosovo" said Vasić for Kurir press.

Controversial "Kosovo PM" Tachi, ex-KLA commander,
implicated with human organ harvesting, greeting ROSU forces 

He also added that Serbs won't accept "Kosovo institutions" under any circumstances, and that forceful attempts to integrate them into "independent Kosovo system" might lead to "unforeseeable consequences", because no one will be able to control the people and their reaction in that case.

Vasić expressed the hope that KFOR forces (NATO's mission in Kosovo) won't circumvent their mandate this time, as they did in 2004 when they allowed ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Serbs.

Srbin.Info site wrote that Kosovo Serbs are worried about possible false flags or pre-planned attacks because experienced well-known BBC and CNN journalists, famous for their misrepresentation of Kosovo events, came to Albanian part of Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday for unknown reason, and "if we have a look at previous experiences, whenever they come, something bad happens to Serbs soon after".

Considering a bomb was thrown at a Serb house today by unknown persons, as well as ominous presence of ROSU, CNN and BBC in the last couple of days, North Kosovo Serbs have a reason to be worried about their safety in the coming period.

Serbian barricades in Kosovo, defended by local women

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