Update on EU ultimatum to Serbia regarding Kosovo status

President Nikolic gave a statement at the press conference held after the meeting with President of Republic Srpska, Milorad Dodik, saying that government will announce  its stance on proposed solutions for Kosovo tomorrow and that it will be a stance supported both by the President and the majority of parliamentary parties. He also said that Serbian delegation did not have an actual offer at the talks in Brussels, that the existing principles need to be fixed and that Serbia can not give up on its constitution and implement Kosovo's laws and constitution.
Serbian state leaders will continue in the coming days with diplomatic efforts to reach a compromise on the issue of justice and police for Serbian municipalities in Kosovo, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said after a meeting with the presidents of the parliamentary parties and caucus leaders. Prime Minister has stressed that the Serbian government is fully committed to continuing the dialogue with Pristina and that no one questions Serbia's path towards the EU.

- It is our national interest, the viable solution for relations between Belgrade and Pristina - he said, adding that Tuesday is not "D-Day" and recalled that the decision on the date for the start of negotiations is to be made in June.

The Democratic Party announced today that the leaders of this party, during a meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, were informed that there is no specific document that Serbia should declare itself upon, but only principles that were the basis for the development of an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina

Document or no, later this evening Serbian President's adviser Marko Djuric said he received clarification from Brussels that the deadline for Serbia's response to the offer in dialogue is tomorrow afternoon and not Tuesday as we were told. [1]

Last but not least, Alexandar Vucic's statement started dancing around on our TV screens during the Djokovic- Querrey tennis match in Boise, America. Djokovic won, but if there was someone who felt like celebrating afterwards, the look on Vucic's face should have frozen their smile halfway.

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 Deputy Prime Minister's words reflected the severity of situation and even though he said that Serbia will not sign an agreement on Kosovo and Metohija tomorrow, talking to Pink TV he said that an agreement will have to be accomplished eventually, saying "No one can live out of spite. This is a problem that needs to be solved, we are not fooling around with anyone. We will ask for more rights and more security for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, but it is not realistic to sign the agreement on Tuesday" [2]

Meanwhile, media is completely ignoring the sit-in protest in Belgrade that continued today. And the students of Belgrade University have announced another protest for Tuesday, 9 April. The following excerpt is from a statement of Vukasin Maksic and Bojan Vasiljev to facebok Reporter that says:

"We, the students, on Tuesday 9th April will show that, as academics who should be characterized by national awareness, will not silently observe further deterioration of the Serbian people.
There is a serious test before us.
Students will be taking one of the most important exams of their life on Tuesday. For this test there is no script, and only two answers are offered, the capitulation in order to obtain the date or the surrender of Kosovo and Metohija.
On Tuesday, students will not take to the streets of Belgrade with the aim to topple the government, now that the political stability and unity are more important than ever, more necessary. Therefore, on Tuesday Serbian students will unanimously start from plateau to deliver their demands, the demands of all Serbs.
They will start just as students, not left or right, not Chetniks or Partisans..."

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