The kidney in a jar for Jahjaga

One of the previous protests of the "Friends of the Kosovo Serbs"

BELGRADE: The Czech "Friends of Kosovo Serbs" have demonstrated in the center of Prague against the conference "Forum 2000", held under the auspices of Vaclav Havel from the 9th to 11th of October. It was their protest against the official invitation and participation of the so-called president of the unrecognized state of Kosovo Atifeta Jahjaga in the discussion about human rights in the world, while at the same time the international community hijacks the southern Serbian province, and holds Kosovo Serbs in the ghetto. On this occasion Atifeta Jahjaga ,whome President Vaclav Klaus refused to receive, was 'welcomed' with a human kidney and a liver in a jar, reminding her and other participants of the Forum of the unpunished crimes from "the Yellow House".

Once Yellow House, now painted in White...
 During the protest, Czech intellectuals , as always , developed a banner "Kosovo is Serbian", considering that this is guaranteed by the the UN Resolution 1244, that ended the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In another banner they made it clear that the unrecognized Kosovo is a heroin state. Curious passers-by, as our Czech friends wrote on their web site after the protest, either passed them by without any reaction or showed their support with thumbs up.

Then out of a black limousine with tinted windows, surrounded by bodyguards, appeared Atifete Jahjaga, smiling to thank the Czechs for the welcome. At this point, it erupted from the ranks of the protesters "Kosovo is Serbian!", and she quickly started towards the entrance of the Goethe Institute. But there, another surprise awaited the already disgruntled Atifete- a highly raised jar in the hands of Vaclav Dvorzak, containing human organs, by which the intellectuals wanted to show her what they think about the government of so-called independent Kosovo. Many participants of the forum were made sick from this act, so that, instead using the main entrance to the former embassy building in East Germany, they entered using the official entrance on the other side of the building.


The Czech government used deception in their recognition of Kosovo

- We're here because we are ashamed of the recognition of Kosovo's narco-state by the minority government in which the Foreign Minister himself is Schwarzenberg, who did so in secret, behind the Czech people's back, outside the daily proceedings and outside Prague. And, worst of all, in Sudeta, on E-55 highway from Prague to Berlin, which for us has a special symbolism - stated a member of FOLDIN to reporters.

The original article in Serbian language:

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