What is the cost of freedom?

These days are very gloomy and cloudy, it rains a bit, then stops, the temperature is 0, but it doesn't prevent the morning program presenter to announce clear weather and temperature rising.
Well, the weather does clear up around noon, and like possessed I'm rushing to find some outdoor cafe which is open at this time of year, in the hope that it'll remain sunny after one o' clock.

Same thing today, its Sunday, I feel like going to the zoo, dawn is slow to come, I can see the corner of my window, frozen, feeling puzzled about the winter arrival. Thus in the hope that forecast of the TV weather presenter will come true, for at least an hour,, I'm surfing the Internet and here's what I stumble upon- someone's post saying: The only reason why Serbia isn't like Switzerland is in fact.......Kosovo!?! And there's a link in addition, to supplement and substantiate that observation http://www.kolikokostakosovo.info/ ( A 20 minute pause in my head...)

When I finally manage to come to my senses I decide to look into this irrefutable evidence for such a confident assertion and try to figure out what could make a young, apparently successful man to write something like that. So I open the content of this irrefutable evidence and what do I see - Clock turns as much as 16 EUR per second a clock turning and turning, same as the one they had on Wall Street, ticking the time till their doom. It turns and doesn't stop. And there, explicitly, so that no one accidentally gets confused, if not acquainted with this new device called the Internet, it is calculated to the last cent just how much Serbia would save if, per example, it would give up Kosovo and finally stop complaining and annoying the powerful and above all fair Europe. I look and I can't believe it. Nice site, modern, highly commendable, wordly. Colorful cookies and lollipops, enticing you more and more to have a bite.

Jinx that I am, I don't like sweets, but I can not help myself but asking what's in those cookies and lollipops, cause I want to take some to my little niece and I'd hate to try it. Dickering with merchants took a long time but somehow I obtained information on the sweets.They say: -You know, you should really buy these lollipops, they are great, as for ourselves, we are returning to the old recipe( Deutsche Mark set for comeback instead of Euro in Germany ) ,they say that some, like the

English haven't even tried this new recipe, and the Swiss totally rejected it, they said they prefer their own sweets. In fact, everyone should return to the old recipe, but you know -we have these sweets in excess, standing there for years, they have to be sold, we had big money invested.

-Wait a minute , I want to take them to a child and you are selling me spoiled food as as fresh?!
-No thanks, my mother makes an excellent pie I'll ask her.

The day is clearing up, I try to break away from these merchants and ultimately go to that zoo, I don't remember the last time I went there, but they just won't let me go. They say: What do you mean your mother makes them better, what are you- a nationalist, a racist, and you don't want to take ours? What was I to do, I didn't want to offend them, so I said I don't have money for them, they are too expensive for me. It would be better if I didn't say anything. They started- What do you mean you have no money? Look how much money you spent for Kosovo, lets make a deal- you give us Kosovo, we give you lollipops.

-What do you mean- Kosovo for lollipops, and what do you mean I spent money for Kosovo? I didn't spend them, I invested them in my country, in my people. You gentlemen, when you construct a road through Bavaria, do you spend or invest, do you throw away or create?

-You are rude, you do not believe us! And we have just agreed that for the next 10 years we shall be considering hanging out with you 30 years from now, and this is how you repay!

-You need a whip and leg shackles! http://www.blic.rs/Vesti/Politika/283079/Beogradu-treba-bic-a-ne-status-kandidata-za-EU  

Em... Gentlemen salesmen, the sun dawns and I am in a hurry. It would be better if you calculate how much does it cost NOT to hang out with you,
I always did prefer warmer climate, the Alps were just too cold for me.

Article by Jinx

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