One Serb kiled, another wounded in an ambush in Kosovo

Aleksandar Putnik (51) from Velika Hoca died in hospital in Prizren from received wounds. He and his 25 year-old son Dobrica were shot in the back around 2:30 last night in a village near Orahovac, Zrze. 
His son was wounded in hand and stomach and his state is not life-threatening.

The father was the first that got shot. His son Dobrica was shot in the neck from a hunting rifle, while trying to help him, and according to KIM radio information he got wounded in the arm too. 

Dobrica, after being wounded, managed to race in the car, drove a few hundred meters, after which the car flew off the road and overturned.

 Mayor of Orahovac Marian Saric said in a statement to KIM Radio that the injured Dobrica, who after being wounded is taken cared for in hospital in Prizren, has lost much blood and has shrapnel all over his body, but that he is out of life danger. According to Saric's words, the body of the murdered Alexander Putnik is sent for the autopsy to Pristina.

"This is a great tragedy. We are living in fear for 12 years. This is another in a series of incidents and attacks that makes it clear that we are not protected, "Saric said. 
Kosovo police spokesman for the region of Prizren, Hazir Berisha said that the father and son were shot last night just after midnight when they left the restaurant. He didn't mantion possible motive for the attack.

"It is believed that these people were shot in an ambush as they emerged from the restaurant. The police closed crime scene investigation and raided several locations in the vicinity of the restaurant in Zrze, where the killing and wounding occurred," said Berisha.

According to unofficial statements the Serbs were shot from a 7.62 millimeter weapon, probably made in China. Shots were fired from a moving vehicle.

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KIM radio /,7,12595 

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