Kosovo and Metohija: Serbian couple found murdered in their home!

Uroševac - On Friday around 10 o' clock PM in Talinovac village, near Urosevac Milovan Jevtic and his wife, Ljiljana were found dead. 

The spouses were about 55 years old, Milovan was a village representative, it was announced by the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija.

Coordinator of Urosevac Municipality, Milan Janjic told Beta agency that it is not yet known how  the returnees  Milovan and Ljiljana Jevtic died.

Spouses were found by a neighbor who came to visit. EULEX and the Kosovo police blocked the door and do not let anyone inside, said Janjic for the KiM radio.

One of the representatives of the village committee Branislav Milenkovic said that about 22:10 the police came to his house.

"The commander whom I know came and asked me when I last saw Jevtic. I saw them yesterday, we went with a van to Štrpce, I replied. Then he told me that the two were killed," he said.

Milenkovic has requested that five or six Serbian families get evacuated from the village to Strpce, to which the Officer replied that the village was full of police and that they should not worry for their safety.

Janjic said that the spouses returned to the village in Kosovo and Metohija back in 2004.


RT @VladMiskovic: Six Serbian families, who lived in #Talinovac, are in fear for their life, and evacuating to #Strpce. #Kosovo #terror #horror #Serbia

@NewsBalkan #EULEX and Albanian police have blocked the house and surrounding area, and are not allowing anyone to pass#Kosovo #Murder#JevticFamily

Anti Soros ‏@AntiSoros
Awful how the mainstream media ignores these stories from #Kosovo because were it anywhere else it would be front page news.

Anti Soros ‏@AntiSoros
The latest murders of Serb returnees to #Kosovo reinforces the fact that it is a barbaric pseudo state run by terrorists. #Serbia

Kosovo and Metohija ‏@KosmetNow
Number of #Serbs killed in Kosovo +2#HumanRights #KFOR #UN #EULEX

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