The story of the escaped French DRM agent, Srebrenica & Iranian past mistakes

A surprising article about Srebrenica was published on It is not surprising in regards to its content, but the very fact that it was published on Iranian news portal since those of us who dug into Srebrenica case knew or guessed much of what is written in it, but we are also aware of the fact that at the time Iran and NATO were on the same page, because Iran was arming the mujahedins in Bosnia and Bill Clinton and other American officials with the help of some international organizations facilitated it.
How Bill Clinton gave the green light for arms smuggling from Iran to Bosnia

"1. The Clinton Green Light to Iranian Arms Shipments (page 3): In April 1994, President Clinton gave the government of Croatia what has been described by Congressional committees as a "green light" for shipments of weapons from Iran and other Muslim countries to the Muslim-led government of Bosnia. The policy was approved at the urging of NSC chief Anthony Lake and the U.S. ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith. The CIA and the Departments of State and Defense were kept in the dark until after the decision was made.

2. The Militant Islamic Network (page 5): Along with the weapons, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and VEVAK intelligence operatives entered Bosnia in large numbers, along with thousands ofmujahedin ("holy warriors") from across the Muslim world. Also engaged in the effort were several other Muslim countries (including Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey) and a number of radical Muslim organizations. For example, the role of one Sudan-based "humanitarian organization," called the Third World Relief Agency, has been well-documented. The Clinton Administration's "hands-on" involvement with the Islamic network's arms pipeline included inspections of missiles from Iran by U.S. government officials.

3. The Radical Islamic Character of the Sarajevo Regime (page 8): Underlying the Clinton Administration's misguided green light policy is a complete misreading of its main beneficiary, the Bosnian Muslim government of Alija Izetbegovic. Rather than being the tolerant, multiethnic democratic government it pretends to be, there is clear evidence that the ruling circle of Izetbegovic's party, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), has long been guided by the principles of radical Islam. This Islamist orientation is illustrated by profiles of three important officials, including President Izetbegovic himself; the progressive Islamization of the Bosnian army, including creation of native Bosnian mujahedin units; credible claims that major atrocities against civilians in Sarajevo were staged for propaganda purposes by operatives of the Izetbegovic government; and suppression of enemies, both non-Muslim and Muslim. [1]

Off course, it must be said that Iranians were not alone in the lucrative business of arms smuggling, but the writer of the article published on fails to mention their role entirely. While he accurately describes here what the Balkans have become:
"If the "status quo" is any indication of intent, NATO sitting on Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania and much of the region, a region now a center of drug trafficking, of international crime and a region increasingly fortified to threaten Russia or Syria or Iran, this may well have been the NATO intent when organizing the formation of the Scorpions and ordering the slaughter of thousands of civilians.
there is something missing from the equation and that, in my opinion, is WHY the Iranian government didn't see trough the NATO intentions back then, but instead played along and armed one side in the conflict, radical Islamists lead by Alija Izetbegovic, the same side that was so obviously supported by USA, UK, Germany, France and other imperialistic countries that are, trough instigated conflicts in Libya and Syria and prolonged propaganda campaign against Iran, now approaching their real targets which are Russia and China. 

The omission may not be intentional, since this article was first posted on as it appears, and PressTV reposted it, but it is still an interesting piece of the puzzle that we need to take into consideration if we are talking about Srebrenica.

The second point I would like to address here is related to the actual report about the French DRM agent who reportedly received political asylum in Belarus, that Gordon Duff mentions in his article and states Pravda as his source. 
This story was also reported in some Serbian Internet news portals, such as Vesti-Online, Vidovdan but the original source of this report in unknown because those who republished it haven't bothered to link their posts to the actual Belorussian source, if there is one. I wouldn't go so far and claim it is a fabrication, but it appears that no one bothered with checking out the source. 

What got my attention in this article was the number of victims this alleged French DRM agent states that "Scorpions" killed- 4500 of 6000 people who were allegedly killed. He than adds that the rest of the 6000 victims were those killed while trying to pass to the Muslim side, under fire. First of all, he practically agrees with the number of victims the Muslim Bosnians are claiming, while it was repeatedly established that the number of civilian victims in Srebrenica was widely exaggerated. You can read more balanced version of this story in Serbian on the Novi Standard portal where they relate the answer of one of legal representatives of Ratko Mladic, the lawyer Miodrag Stojanovic to this story:

 "About the events in Srebrenica a lot has been said and all these years there was really the thesis in the public opinion that foreign intelligence services were responsible for everything, particularly France, but no valid proof for this claim has been submitted. In fact, the only possible evidence of the alleged activities of French military intelligence in Bosnia was an intercepted telephone conversation from Motel Vidikovac, near Zvornik with the Drina Corps, which contains in the background voices in French. 
Besides this, there is no other evidence - Stojanovic said, adding that he will soon talk about everything with General Mladic, who will provide guidance and what to do and how to proceed.

-It is only after the general guidelines that we will see if we can contact the authorities in Belarus and request a meeting with these alleged French intelligence. 
However, the story seems to me quite naive. 
How is it possible that the Scorpions committed these alleged executions when it was found that at at the time they were in Sarajevo battlefield and hence the recording revealed by Natasa Kandic. Srebrenica story is too serious to deal with it on the basis of such speculation" - says Miodrag Stojanovic.

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