Depleted Uranium weapons are nuclear weapons!

German physician Professor Dr. Günther was the first in the world, to bring forward proof that depleted uranium weapons (bullets, shells and bombs) are nuclear weapons.

Depleted Uranium Keeps On Killing/ LINK

In the early 90s, inside his diplomats’ luggage, he managed to bring in some of these DU ballistics over from Iraq and arranged their investigation at three research institutes in Germany, which confirmed his suspicions that NATO had used nuclear weapons in the Gulf War!

This admission expressed itself in the order made by the District Court of Tiergarten in Berlin on 01/15/93 against Professor Günther , which says :
"You are accused to have brought in radioactive waste inside Berlin and other places within the federal territory in July 1992, which you had a duty to declare under to the Atomic Energy Act. You did so by travelling inside the Federal Republic of Germany in mid-July 1992, entering the country with a bullet casing made off metallic uranium, in order to use it here as an object for demonstration when you gave it here to the medicine department of the Rudolf Virchow Hospital.”
The projectile has a rough surface, that when touched generates radioactive abrasion. Improper handling of the projectile creates a risk of contamination and incorperation of radioactive substance into the body which can lead to health risks. The dose rate at the surface of the projectile is about 11 MikroSivers per hour. " 
4.5 Billion Year Toxic Legacy LINK

Why is this knowledge still withheld until today?
Because NATO wants to continue using these weapons due to their powerful clout in war zones , U.S. / NATO this simple declare them as conventional, customary weapons!
And all organizations that deal with the problematics of depleted uranium weapons, play this "game".
Just a coincidence?
Even the opponents of nuclear power inside and outside Germany
a) avoid this problem simply, or
b) just explain that the use of Depleted Uranium weapons is contrary to the Geneva Conventions and therefore still needs to be banned!
It is encouraging, of course, that awareness of the UN member states has been raised , also thanks to the continuous work of the "Mothers against war Berlin-Brandenburg", writing constant letters on the issue of Depleted Uranium weapons to government and UN representatives , and now 142 UN member states are for the Prohibition of the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons occur in war zones.
But the crux is that depleted uranium weapons are nuclear weapons and the use of atomic weapons was banned by the International Court of Justice already in 1996!
It is fortunate is that not all scientists let themselves be bribed or forced into silence!
So too, Swiss scientists have begun to show proof that Depleted Uranium weapons are in fact atomic weapons!
Dr. Andreas Bau and Dr. sc. Hans Könitzer wrote in the Swiss newspaper, Current Affairs No. 23, "The Important Role of potassium in the human body," already in 8 June 2009, the following:
"Analysis of soil samples from Serbia (these are samples taken from the soil from areas of the former Yugoslavia, which were bombed by NATO in 1999 with depleted uranium weapons- the author) have identified further results
They found not only uranium and its decay products, but other radioactive elements / compounds. These findings raise serious questions - about the found isotope ratio in potassium which as such is not found in nature, and not related to the natural decay products of uranium, but is well known as a result of nuclear weapons tests .
After the bombing of the national television station in central Belgrade 2 bodies of the 16 killed television employee could not be found. They literally "vaporized" as the movie "Yugoslavia: the avoidable war" reports.
The heat of the ammunition used must have been immense - so large that only the use of radioactive weapons or a smaller nuclear explosion taking place comes into question.
Has here a new generation of Nulear weapons been tested? ....
An analysis of soil samples from Serbia has shown an extraordinary amount of potassium 40, 100 times higher than in the natural isotope distribution.
Potassium 40 does not occur in the decay series of uranium or thorium as a decay product. This excludes uranium as the base material for potassium 40th
Potassium 40 can only result from a radiation induced transformation of another element.
So does for example, the non-radioactive calcium 40, through neutron bombardment, turn into the radioactive potassium 40
Therefore, because the analysis of the samples give indication of an increased concentration of other radioactive isotopes such as carbon-14 and beryllium 10, it must be assumed that the mentioned radioisotopes are formed directly by nuclear reactions .
This fact must finally get all nuclear opponents who at their gatherings still disregard Depleted Uranium weapons (newer nuclear weapons) into action!!
The Toxic Legacy of Depleted Uranium Weapons LINK 
But also for those working in international law it is an urgent task to point the U.S. / NATO to its international obligations and demand in order to preserve the human species of them not to use nuclear weapons in a war zone!
Brigitte Queck, Dipl.Staatwissenschaftlerin Foreign Policy, December 2012

Original article in German here
Thank you Valentine V. for helping with the translation
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