Two Serb children injured by an explosive device in Kosovska Mitrovica

Serbian children injured in an explosion/ photo 
Source: Tanjug
Late on Monday in Northern Kosovska Mitrovica two children, boy and a girl age three and nine, were injured in a blast when an unidentified person threw an explosive device at a Serb house in Bosniak Mahala, one of the mixed quarters in Kosovska Mitrovica which is a home to both Serbs and Albanians.
Radomir Jankovic, head of the Kosovska Mitrovica healthcare center said that children who suffered shrapnel injuries to their heads and necks are out of mortal danger and their condition is stable today.

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic condemned in the strongest terms a bomb attack on a Serb house in Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday evening that left two children injured, stressing that the international forces have the obligation to guarantee security to all. Aleksandar Vulin, Head of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) said that international comunity has to adopt a position on Monday's bomb attack in Kosovska Mitrovica and stop treating Serbs as second-rate citizens.
“I am seeking from the international community to stop issuing clever statements and to finally say who the perpetrators of such monstrous acts are, to point to those who are trying to do away with the Serbian past by plowing graves and to kill the Serbian future by throwing grenades on children,” said Vulin.

 Vulin called the Serbs living in Kosovska Mitrovica to stay calm, while Kosovska Mitrovica Mayor Krstimir Pantic said that KFOR and EULEX were responsible for this bombing attack and urged the locals to cease all comunication with members of this mission.
 “The greatest responsibility is with the commander of KFOR and the EULEX mission chief, without whose knowledge and consent this terrorist attack would not have happened"

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