Kosovo Massacre: In Memoriam - twelve years after the Nis Express Massacre

"Nis Express Massacre"  happened, on February 16, 2001, near Podujevo. 
The terrorist attack was performed by members of so called Albanian National Army (ANA or AKSH) which was two years later proclaimed by UNMIK chief a terrorist organization. What happens with Ejupi after he was arrested in Tirana in 2004 is not clearly known. KIM Info service learns that he may have been charged for killing some policemen but not for the NIs Express attack.
This heinous crime, one of the worst of its kind in post-war Kosovo has never been fully investigated by UNMIK police and KFOR and its perpetrators have not been brought to justice until know. 

One of the suspects, a Kosovo Albanian former UCK/KLA millitant Florim Ejupi, a member of a terrorist organization ANA(Albanian National Army - AKSH) managed to ran away from the US Millitary Detention facility at Camp Bondsteel in Eastern Kosovo under very mysterious circumstances.

KIM Info-service has made availabe a photo gallery with photos of the attacked bus. Caution! Some of the photos are of very graphic contents: PHOTO ALBUM

In the bomb attack on Serb pilgrims heading to participate in a religious ceremony in Gracanica one entire buss was torn into pieces. 
Kosovo massacre, serbs
The final death score was 12 dead Serbs and 40 wounded, some of them women and children.

The final death score was 12 dead Serbs and 40 wounded, some of them women and children. The survivers in the bus graphically described shocking scenes of human joints hanging around in the charred buss shell. 
Pieces of human bodies could be found dozens of meters around. 
The terrorists placed large quantities of explosives under a little bridge in an exclusively Albanian inhabited part of Podujevo municipality in order to blow up a Serb bus which was travelling in a convoy escorted by Swedish KFOR. The explosives were activated from a safe distance. 

Regrettably, this crime as well as other major ethnic crimes against Kosovo Serbs under UN protectorate in Kosovo, remains uninvestigated -
Massacre of the Stolic family in Obilic in 2003 and hundred crimes more.

Several hundreds of Kosovo Serbs were killed in a series of systematic ethnic violence which culminated with the March riots 2004. Hundreds were kidnapped by UCK and many of their bodies have been recovered from mass graves around Kosovo.

Praying for the blessed repose of victims of this and other terrorist attacks we remember the words of the former NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson who said on the occasion of the "Bus massacre" - "Nato did not conduct its air campaign in order to see ethnic cleansing by one group replaced by the ethnic attacks and intimidation of another."

The wish of the Kosovo Serb people remains that terrible crimes of the war and not less terrible crimes of the post-war period are finally replaced by tolerance and safety of all Kosovo communities.

Gorica Stjepanovic, 24, who survived the attack with eye injuries, said:
 "All of a sudden, everything burst, the bus seemed to have fallen apart. "Blood was dripping from the roof. When I managed to get out, parts of bodies were everywhere."

The names of killed Serbs in the bomb attack:

1. STOJANOVIC NENAD (born 7. July 1943) Nis,
2. KRAGOVIC MILINKO (born 5. January 1943),
3. LAZAR MILIKIC (born 19. June, 1936) Lipljan,
4. DRAGAN VUKOTIC(born 2. November, 1954) Kosovo Polje
6. SNEZЅANA COKIC VUKOTIC, (born 16. February, 1975), Lipljan
7. DANILO COKIC (born in 1999), two old child, the son of Dragan Vukotic and Snezana Cokic Vukotic
8. MIRJANA DRAGOVIC (born 12. January, 1981) Laplje Selo
9. SUCIICA PEJДЊIC (born 14. January, 1972) Pristina
10.TIHOMIR STOJKOVIC (born 18. January, 1969) Kosovska Kamenica
11. ZIVANA TOKIC (born 5. May, 1948) Skulanevo Pristina, died 10 days later due to the wounds
12.N. TOKIC“ Zivana's husband, died two months later due to the injuries in the bomb attack

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