Cancer occurrence among Kosovo Serbs increased up to five times due to DU used in NATO bombing!

Pancevo under NATO bombs
In the first two years after the '99. NATO bombing with depleted uranium, cancer occurrence among Kosovo Serbs increased up to five times![1] Radioactive matter J 131 is usually isolated from the biopsy samples. The most common are lung cancers, and cancers of reproductive organs. NATO troops have been affected as well, especially Italian an Portuguese contingent. NATO is still paying damages to the families of deceased Italian KFOR troops in a low-profile, out-of-media case.

Smoke rising over bombed oil rafinery in Novi Sad /Photo Reuters

However there is no data on the number of diseased among the Albanian population, although it is believed those numbers are staggering, especially among the ones living south of Ibar river and the ones living on the border with Albania. Albanian authorities in Kosovo are covering this up, big time. Cause together with cancer and death, NATO gave "them" one more country. They are very grateful.

After NATO bombing with DU, cancer occurence among Kosovo Serbs
 increased up to 5 times!
Meanwhile the "President" of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga said about the yesterday's anniversary of the beginning of 1999 NATO aggression on SR Yugoslavia that its one of the most important days in the history of Kosovo and its "struggle for freedom and independence".
This puppet of the drug lords and organ harvesters said yesterday: "Glorious war of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) awoke the conscience of the world and invoked the decision about NATO's humanitarian bombing".
Thus making the Albanians the only people in the world which celebrate bombing of themselves.
NATO threw thousands of depleted uranium missiles on Kosovo and Metohija, killing many Albanians, and polluting its air and water for centuries to come. Happy celebration.


Read more about the impact of Depleted Uranium:

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