Last Salute to President Chavez and a couple of warnings regarding future

Chavez with his pocket edition of Venezuelan constitution

Sad news  - Hugo Chavez has passed away. Another great leader and a great Man is removed from his people when he is much needed, but I still believe that Venezuela will stay on the right path because the greatest thing that Chavez has accomplished in his life is empowering and educating the people themselves, so that now they can not be easily led arround blindfolded by the neo-liberal, capitalist pro-US elite.

Two great Men and revolutionaries who became legends now

 People in Venezuela know their constitutional rights and they will not be easily manipulated. I wish I could say the same about Serbia or Greece or any other country in this part of the World. 
R.I.P Chavez...

This is my friend's take on the importance of this moment, not just for Venezuela, but for anyone who resists the imperialism. These are just couple of excerpts, please read the entire article here. Translation to Serbian available here.

"This is a scary and vulnerable moment for the people of Venezuela and anyone who would resist imperialist aggression. Reactionary forces led by the US have already tried to launch a coup against Chavez more than once, and there is little doubt they are trying something as we speak. They are salivating at the prospect of picking off one of the major symbols of resistance, and everyone who cares about pushing back against empire should be on high alert."


"There is no denying the criminality of the US government toward the sovereign nations of its own hemisphere, and no White Hat big enough to make us look like the good guys. The US government and the forces it represents have simply, tragically and consistently been on the wrong side at every possible juncture.
Now is the time to sharpen and call out these differences between "us" and "them." Imperialism, capitalism, The Powers That Be--whatever you want to call them, thrive by fomenting a false "unity" while sowing discord on any issue of any significance. Now is the time for unity and solidarity with those still resisting empire, both in this hemisphere and around the globe. The US and NATO military machines encircle the globe like the insidious octopus that they are, and anyone in the way of global domination will be crushed. That means killed if necessary, as well as demonized, plotted against, attacked, manipulated, scared and threatened into submission. People who don’t realize this are defining themselves against the vast majority of the world’s population, for whom there actually is a real world beyond the corporate asskissing media bubble within which Americans live and sleep—mostly sleep.
The recolonization of Africa, the planned and brutal destruction of Libya, the funding, arming, training and cover for nominally islamist thugs—all reveal a cynicism and an arrogance that is infuriatingly familiar to most citizens of this hemisphere beyond US borders. It is, in plain fact, the past happening over and over again, this time with islamist instead of Marxist antiheros in the reactionary narrative—except, of course, when they are “our sons of bitches."

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