A bloody scenario for the Serbs: Kosovo mafia operates best when there is chaos

Serb mafia members ended in prison, their Albanian cohorts without money
Translation of article published in Kurir

The threats of the Albanian National Army (ANA) are partly motivated by the need to terrorize the Serbs in order to keep them from voting, and on the other hand by the interests of the Albanian mafia who loses hundreds of milions of euros, because of the cutting of the routes used for drugs and human trafficking and the smuggle of consumer goods.

Serbia has done a lot to combat organized crime and cutting the roads used for narcotics trafficking, which dealt a huge blow to the Albanian mafia, which loses nearly hundred million euros per month - a source said to "Kurir" and continues:

"The destruction of criminal groups in Serbia would lead to the fact that the Albanian mafia would remain without a partner and mediator for the European market." Criminal groups that were arrested, according to operative findings, were in constant contact with Albanian narco-clans, and meetings were organized in European countries, as well as in Montenegro and BiH.

The introduction of order in the region, ie approaching the EU by harmonizing legislation with EU regulations, would inflict a major damage to the Mafia, which operates best when there is chaos, with the weak institutions of these countries. "

Former Director of the Military Security Agency Momir Stojanovic told Kurir that it was clear that behind the threats of ANA is the official Pristina.

He adds that it is quite clear that behind these threats are also the interests of mafia.

- The entire Kosovo society is based on the mafia system. The only thing that exists there are clans fighting over smuggling, human trafficking and narcotics. The main "holders" of the smuggling are former heads of the KLA, which now issue statements through press releases of ANA, and the Kosovo institutions do not react because they are deeply involved - said Stojanovic.

Scientific advisor at the Belgrade Institute for Political Studies Radoslav Gaćinović says that one should not forget that the goal of the Albanian separatist and terrorist movements in the Balkans is not only the separation of Kosovo, but also the creation of "The Great Kosovo"(The Great Albania) from parts of western Macedonia (FYROM), South Eastern Serbia and parts of Montenegro.

Plans for "The Great Albania"

- They will work to achieve this goal through the induction of major riots in Kosovo. The international security forces have completely failed here, because they are not doing anything to prevent the growing of politically motivated violence - Gaćinović said.

Former leaders of KLA are leaders of dozens of smaller family mafia groups. Those who stand out as the most powerful criminal gangs are Thaci, Haradinaj and Mustafa, on whom the Kurir wrote last summer. As much as five major criminal groups from Kosovo hold a key role in the heroin trade in Europe. The strongest group is from Pec, followed by those from Kosovska Mitrovica, Pristina, Prizren and Djakovica.

The original article in Serbian here

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