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Swedish radio host and actor Gert Filking, who insulted the Serbs with his scandalous statements in the live radio show that ran last Tuesday, calling us "psychopaths", "retarded", "Brejvics" and "damned pigs" ... apologized for this unprecedented scandal yesterday on his Facebook page.

Associations of Serbs in Sweden and our Embassy in that country, however, say that he at least has to do this publicly, in his show at Stockholm Radio 1, where we were insulted in the first place. The show "Gert's world" is to be broadcast again today and members of our diaspora organizations in Sweden have announced a lawsuit, regardless of whether Filking express his apology on air or not.

As Press has learned, yesterday morning Serbian Ambassador to Sweden Dr. Dusan Crnogorčević sent a letter to the editor in chief and director of the company that owns the station "Radio 1". In these letters he expressed his disappointment and surprise of such behavior and accusations against one nation. Based on their responses, the ambassador will take further steps.

Filking, after a stormy reaction, primarily of Serbs in Sweden, placed the following sentence yesterday on his Facebook page: "We start the week by Gert apologizing to all Serbs for his comments regarding the discussion about Brejvik on the 17th of April. "

Original article in Serbian:

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