Mafia in Kosovo is trying to incite another conflict among the Serbs and Albanians

Albanians arming themselves again

Albanians are arming themselves and preparing to send a "message" to Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo according to newspapers in Pristina who quoted the Albanian "Top Channel TV". 

As stated, this is how the Albanians have interpreted the message by the Mayor of Mitrovica Avni Kastrati, who ordered them to "defend themselves". The massive rearmament came in the midst of a statement of Hajredin Kuqi, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, who has announced another action by the special forces (ROSU) in the north of Kosovo province.

- All that happens is directed by the Albanian mafia, which is affected by the cutting of roads that are used to transport drugs. They lose a lot of money and their interest is to cause the conflict to make the situation worse, so that they can do their job unhindered. It is known that the Albanian mafia controls everything in Kosovo - reveals our source.

Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic said that the massive arming of Albanian is very dangerous.

- It should not be surprising, especially after the warmongering statements of Hajredin Kuqi.
The international community must respond, as this can lead to massive spread of violence. The repeat of the 17th March (2004. year) is possible - said Bogdanovic.

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic told "Kurir" that his message to Kosovo Albanians is "not to play with fire."

- Red Line in Kosovo and Metohija is an attack on the Serbs - he says. [ Our politicians always pretend that there are red lines, but each time someone crosses it, they draw another one and leave people in KiM alone and exposed, lets just hope that the proximity of elections would make them more aware of their duties towards the people in the southern province of Serbia]

ROSU already on the ground

A Kosovo police (ROSU) unit consisted of about twenty vehicles arrived from the direction of Podujevo and was deployed yesterday in southern Mitrovica. This information, which is not officially confirmed, upset the Serbs, who have stepped up vigilance. Serbs are particularly concerned that this is happening the day after the announcement of Hajredin Kuqi that there will be another ROSU action in the north.
(Z. Š.)


I haven't posted this article from "Kurir" under its original title because it is equally inflaming as the statements by Kosovo Albanian's officials Hajredin Kuqi and Avni Kastrati, it says that "Albanians are arming themselves and preparing another slaughter of Serbs" after the announcements of some of their officials. I feel that at this point, although there are some serious past and future issues among them, it is important for both Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija to calm down and think a lot about the reasons why this is done at this precise moment. Hopefully, the past has taught us all a lesson on how easily we can be manipulated by the media and the politicians to sacrifice our lives for their dubious goals, all the while feeling that we are fighting for something holy to us. This time, both Serbs and Albanians should refuse to be an instrument in the hands of the politicians corrupted by either global elite or the local mafia bosses. If it is true what this article claims (and it makes sense) -Why would any of you risk your lives and the lives of your children for the sakes of mafia and war lords? If it isn't, at least you would have done the unexpected and therefore disrupted their strategy. 

Read more about mafia in Kosovo and Metohija and their connections to politicians:

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