Zivadin Jovanovic: Kosovo and Metohija - 13 years after the NATO aggression

History is only just beginning   

Zivadin Jovanovic
Thirteen years ago, our country and people were victims of NATO aggression. During the aggression more than 3,500 of our compatriots have lost their lives - the defenders of the country, soldiers, policemen, children, women and elderly.

How many compatriots have died from wounds and use of weapons containing depleted uranium, and how many are still dying, is not likely ever to be determined. Today we give our respect to them, and remember them with the deepest reverence and vow to never forget their sufferring and sacrifice.

Military aggression of 1999 was continued by other means until the present day. It is carried out by political, economic, financial, propagandistic and other pressures, by blackmail and manipulation.

Its goals, since the destruction of Yugoslavia, were transferred to the task of fragmentation of Serbia and Serbian people. The leading forces of NATO are crushing the Serbian people by forcefull drawing of new borders. The arrogance, revenge and racism of some representatives of NATO and the EU toward Serbia and the Serbian people can hardly be concealed. Judging by the behavior and statements of ambassadors of some such states in Belgrade, the question is whether they, in general, even want to conceal their arrogance. Government of some of those countries tighten their hold on Serbia using their dominance in Brussels (EU, NATO), their Generals in Pristina, their bankers in Washington or Frankfurt. 

Thirteen years later ...
It has become clear to everyone that the goal of such strategies were neither democracy nor human rights, but crushing of Yugoslavia and Serbia and draconian punishment of the entire Serbian nation. Before the eyes of the World and Europe, such a strategy now takes place in the abduction of Kosovo and Metohija, the merciless destruction of Serbian national, cultural and spiritual identity of the Serbian people.

Security Council Resolution 1244 which guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, was reduced to a fig leaf which is used to cover up tactics of crawling recognition of the illegal creation called "Republic of Kosovo". This document is the largest international legal obligation for each member of the United Nations and for Serbia it has a permanent, historical significance. This document, whose essence would be frantically defended by any national and state government is now reduced to the so-called. "Footnote with an asterisk." allong the same lines as the optional, advisory opinion of the Court of Justice.

Paradoxically and sadly, the Security Council resolution is called upon more often by KFOR commanders and various commissioners of UNMIK- when they limit the basic human and democratic rights of Serbs in the province, then by the Serbian government. As if it was easier for them to join the pressures on their compatriots, than to protect them by legal, political and diplomatic means!

The question of status of Province of Kosovo and Metohija as a fundamental issue and important topic, a process, is rarely mentioned by anyone. Instead of the status of the Province, as defined by UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Belgrade was led to offer negotiations on the so called "four points". Regarding this, it should be recalled that the status of the North of the Province is not and can not be a substitute for addressing the issue of the status of of the Province Kosovo and Metohija.

Thirteen years later ...
Serbs in Kosovo do not have the freedom of movement, they lack certainty, every day one of them gets arrested, beaten, intimidated. For many, freedom is still - life in the circles of barbed wire. Around 230,000 Serbs and other non-Albanians who were expelled from the province by well planned terrorism and ethnic cleansing, were not able to freely and safely return to their ancestral homes and their properties. The essential reason for this is the openly discriminatory policies of the leading member states of NATO towards the Serbian people. This policy is hidden behind the hypocritical stance of western politicians, which reads - ethnic cleansing is not permissible, but it may be necessary. At least when it comes to parts of expelled Serbian people, as this example irrefutably testifies.

The illegal border on the site of the former administrative border has been established. The so-called "Integrated control" is a cynical term for bringing the Albanian police and customs to the crossing, and forcibly converting another part of the Serbian people into national minority. Another experiment "in vivo". It will probably be followed by an "integrated civil society" in the northern municipalities of the Province in order to, for example, bring the Albanians from pristina in the civil service, judiciary and health care in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Thirteen years later ...
Many lies that the governments of member countries and some domestic political factors used to justify aggression against Serbia and Montenegro are unmasked. The first and probably the biggest lie was that the problem of Kosovo and Metohija, is the problem of lack of democracy in Serbia and not the Albanian separatism, terrorism and territories. Democratic government and its structure according to the will of the aggressor, are there more than a decade now. Did that resolve the problem of kosovo and how? Other deceptions and lies like a staged Walkers "Racak massacre", Sharpins "horseshoe plan" and "agreement" in Rambouillet - are denounced. The truth emerges on the surface, and all the faster.

Effects of neocolonial and racist policy of "carrot and stick", the unconditionall obedience to Washington and Berlin and unilateral foreign policy are evident in Kosovo and Metohija, but also all over Serbia, in the state of the nation. About the deception and the stages of "standards and then status", "both standards and status", "status without standards", "status neutral" EULEX, giving up their resolutions in the UN and express acceptance of the dictates through Brussels,  - more or less, everything is known.

Thirteen years later ...
It is clear that the strategy of of fragmentation, the weakening and "re-education" of Serbia to love its aggressors, is not yet completed. Its leaders and executives do not give up on the "successful" methods, or the services of separatism in the future.

The gap has been designed between Belgrade and the Serbian people of Kosovo and Metohija. By mentality of selfishness, factionism and spite,  Serbia is divided into some sort of  "first" and "second". What a pleasure Serbian enemies must feel when their politics - divide and rule- are carried out by Serbian arm! 

Discontinuity is the ultimate motto. In its name, history has been revised, cut and discarded. The entire 19th and 20 century has been proclaimed as an error for Serbia. Serbia was "on track" only since October 2000. Since then, Belgrade has been in clouds of post-historical, mondialistic paradise. For the only acceptable option is bonding with the aggressors and the removal of historic allies and friends. Do you remember the warning by Archibald Reiss, who could be speaking today- "you kick your friends with your foot and set the red carpet for your enemies"? Or the famous De Gaulle's General, Pierre-Marie Gallois, the best known European humanist and writer Peter Handeka and many other Serbian friends? Do you remember the report of Willy Wimmer to the Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of 2 May 2000, and Dietmar Hartwig's to Chancellor Angela Merkel of 26 October 2007? Who do you trust?

Thirteen years later ...
Gentlemen, go back to the Security Council Resolution 1244 and ask that others fulfill their international legal obligations just like they demand of Serbia that she do so. ln the meantime, and not only before the elections,  listen to people, both from Kosovo and Metohija and the central Serbia. These people, their position is the only valid evaluation of politics and politicians. Decision making is the right and responsibility of government, but there is always the issue - deciding in whose favor? Of Serbia, of the people, to remain in power, or to foreign patrons who sit in the shade of Economic Club and make coalitions and government personnel policy? The government is obliged to believe to the people it leads. And not to pander to the people before the elections, and then to go deaf afterwards. Duplicity is dishonest, and so is the trade with state's territory. "Candidacy" and elections are not values matching with the state, territory and national identity.

"Wikileaks" is no excess, it's a detail of the acceleration of history. Partnership and cooperation should be built with everyone. But it is necessary to return to proven friends and allies who are more than just partners.

Gentlemen, history is only just beginning, and the friendship is preserved and built before the need arises.

Source: Beoforum

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