We will find our way to Kosovo

When I read this short news on the Radio KIM web site, I thought how the photo perfectly described the current situation of our government.

We have here the two "scape goats" of our government-  the chief of the negotiating team from Belgrade, Borko Stefanovic and the Minister for Kosovo and Metohia, Goran Bogdanovic, outdoors sweating on a hot summer day, with their ears on a phone, waiting for someone to tell them what would be the proper reaction to them not being able to get into Kosovo and Metohija. Apparently, K.F.O.R. soldiers "received an order from their superiors not to let any Serbian high officials who came unannounced , to cross the 'border' on Jarinje, before receiving a permission from the authorities in Pristina..." The description seemed to fit these two like a glow, since no other high government officials make a habit of visiting these days . After 30 minutes of unsuccessful negotiations these two "high government officials" stomped off ( well maybe not, but that's how I imagine them) saying : "We will find our way to Kosovo" and headed towards Raska. Now that's a statement, you might say- bold, stubborn and promising. I'm thinking Richard Burton in "The Battle of Sutjeska" or Bata Zivojinovic ( in any of his old films), true heroes! Well maybe not...as it is, I think they were just talking about the practical issue of actually entering the province over which Stefanovic has to vindicate  Bogdanovic's authority. After the Foreign Minister of Serbia, Vuk Jeremic was not allowed to be present at the Security Council's closed session a couple of days ago, this is another hard slap in the face of Serbia's government, but our dear "leader" shows no intention of growing a spine and, for once, drawing a line. So, no help from there either...
The truly brave and impressive are the actions and organization of the local Serbs, how determined they are, how brave, how smart, not to let themselves be the price Serbia has to pay for entering the EU or the victims of another political manipulation conceived to make it impossible for our "leadership" not to accept the new, changed status of the province. They saw trough it all and reacted in their own inspired way-creating different events, such as a football match called "Goal for open border" in Jarinje crossing, right next to the barbwire  where the American soldiers stood. The  captains of the opposing teams exchanged bread and yoghurt before the match and  the referee was blind-folded and wearing a t-shirt that wrote EULEX and KFOR.

We also witnessed a wedding on the barricades the day before yesterday in Rudare, near Zvecane.

It all reminded me of a book by Orson Scott Card that I once read. I am not sure which of the sequels of "The Ender series" it was, but it was describing a silent resistance which was consisted ( if I remember correctly, I read it a long time ago) of every villager placing a small rock on the road, thus creating big piles of stone, which had to be removed by the passing army every couple of kilometers. That's the thing with important causes- every stone counts, every single person is a hero.

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