Serbia cutting it's limbs?

These are some translated excerpts from this great article by Nikola Vrzic in "Pečat"
You can find the original article here:

"Rudare, the Serbian barricade to Tadic's politics" 

"While Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci holds emergency sessions of his government, the Prime Minister of Serbia is enjoying his vacation in Greece. While NATO is delivering fresh troops to confront the Serbs on the barricades, Serbian army is celebrating The Airforce Day. While Thaci is summoning his special forces and declaring the general mobilization, the President of Serbia Boris Tadic is summoning the members of Parliament who, together with the government officials are anxious to leave for their summer vacation, and declares that Serbia is a land of peace. While for the President of Kosovo, Kosovo has no alternative, to her colleague from Belgrade the European Union is that which has no better alternative. While that same European Union and the USA are openly taking the side of the Pristina's government, the Serbian Parliament insists on a dialogue with Pristina which is guided by Brussels and Washington, and receives the American support for it. While Kosovo authorities claim that the Jarinje crossing was set on fire by the criminals, the Serbian authorities claim the same thing...Yes, the Serbs at the barricades in Rudare, Leposavic, Zupce, Zubin Potok and the bridge in Mitrovica are left on their own.

This might not be the worst thing that could have happened to them during these last ten days crisis on the north of the Southern Serbian province. The crisis that unfolded with the sudden Serbian uprising  on the night between Monday and Tuesday, July 25th and 26th, and obstructed the three-year joint work on the completing of the Kosovo independence, and left all of us wondering whether these days our Western partners humiliated Boris Tadic more than Boris Tadic humiliated the Serbs."

However you put it, it is humiliating... I wonder if my children  would live to see "Serbia" written without the capital letter. When was the last time we had capable patriots leading this country, if ever? How will this period of our history be remembered? Why did we all give up on Kosovo and Metohija? Feel free to comment...

"The Belgrade's ultimatum to the Serbs
 It seams Belgrade has made a decision. Stab in the back of the Serbs from northern Kosovo. Wednesday night, judging by the announcement from KFOR, Serbian government representatives have officially canceled their request for reinstatement to the situation before the ROSU intrusion (Boris Tadic: 'Any consequence of the violent politics is unacceptable for Serbia and momentarily brings to question the negotiation and the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.'). KFOR. will, the announcement after the agreement states, instead of Serbian KPS officers, until the mid September the latest, keep the control of Jarinje and Brnjak; the retreat of the Albanian customs officers they have brought, is not mentioned, which raises suspicion that it wasn't agreed at all. Ghetto for the Serbs would be human to the extent of humanity of those who inflicted it: in fact, the delivery (after control) of the humanitarian help will be enabled,  which practically means that KFOR, with the consent of Serbia,  would implement the decision of the Pristina's authorities on embargo for the goods from Serbia. And Serbs would pay for the humanitarian help by removing the barricades and "the freedom of movement would be established again"  Everything so very in accordance to the four points of Cooper's offer, of which we were informed by the German DPA, that look like they were written in Thaci's Office. According to very reliable sources of 'Pecat' Borko Stefanovic and Goran Bogdanovic, chief of Serbian negotiating team and Minister for Kosovo and Metohija in the Serbian Government, have reported the results of this agreement, of this unannounced  surrender of Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Zvecane and Leposavic to Thaci's Pristina, last Wednesday night to the leaders Northern Kosovo Serbs. Together with the ultimatum worthy of those who are ready to make such a deal: either you accept, or Serbia turns it's back on you. Yes, the Serbs on the barricades in Rudare, Leposavic, Zupca, Zubin Potok and Mitrovica bridge are on their own.

Last Wednesday night they said no to Belgrade. And what will Serbia say if KFOR, EULEX and Pristina stage an incident and use it as a cause for the violent conflict with the 'Serbian rebels'? Announcements of just such, bloody scenario, in case that Serbs, in spite of everything, remain on the barricades, as people who have nothing to lose except everything they have, are already in abundance."

What can I say to that? "NO" was the only option for the Northern Kosovo Serbs anyway, and all the sides were aware of that, so this looks pretty much like a sell out by the Belgrade, which is apparently guided by the principle: Cut the infected limb, before the infection spreads to the entire body. I am asking- Why don't they use some antibiotics first? And more importantly- What happens when there is nothing else to cut off?


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