Serbian workers in Libya: Mistake or revenge?

Rebels in Libya captured five workers from Serbia

"NATO's Islamist terrorist fanatics, which have slaughtered children, raped women, abducted girls and impaled young boys with metal rods, have now seized five Serbian construction workers.

The Serbs were working normally and said they were seized during their lunch break in Tripoli." says Timothy Bancroft- Hinchey in today's PRAVDA.RU
There has been a swift reaction of Serbian users of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, who started a campaign for the immediate release of the apprehended workers and more information on their whereabouts. There was a report on the Serbian B92 about this arrest, where they quoted the members of the self proclaimed NTC saying that they have arrested five Serbian nationals and although they identified themselves as workers, it is believed they were working as snipers for Gaddafi. B92 haven't thought to ask for their names or whereabouts, to the best of our knowledge. Nor have we seen any particular interest by government on that matter. The claim that the above mentioned were "arrested snipers working as Gaddafi's mercenaries" is by itself ridiculous!  Do you know of many cases of apprehended snipers? Five of them together? Not likely! What worries us is the treatment they would receive under custody of those same rebels that were labeling black people in Libya as mercenaries and had them tortured and executed on public squares in front of masses in Benghazi and Dherna. Considering how the Serbs were labeled as Gaddafi's mercenaries from the very beginning, even advertised so on you tube videos featuring Libya, it is not hard to imagine what faith could await our workers in such circumstances.

Serbian people demand that the Serbian President promptly react and demand an URGENT release of Serbian workers who were falsely accused of killing civilians with snipers in Libya.

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