R.I.P. Kosovo's children

Gorazdevac: Memorial service-anniversary of the Bistrica river slaughter

Murder in Gorazdevac is one of four major crimes against the Serbs since the arrival of the international mission. The killers are not punished, as well as in three other crimes - in the Old Gracko, Obilic near Podujevo.

Unknown persons fired on the Serbian children who were swimming in the river near Gorazdevac,killing Ivan Jovovic (19) and Pantelija Dakic (13),and seriously wounding Djordje Ugrenović (20), Bogdan Bukumiric (14), Marko Bogićević (12) and Dragan Srbljak (13).

Today, as every year on this day, in the church of the Holy Virgin in Gorazdevac , Vladika Teodosije will hold a memorial service for the murdered boys.


Impending economic and humanitarian crisis

Minister of Health in the Serbian Government, Zoran Stankovic, has announced yesterday that new shipment of medicines and medical supplies is to be send to Gracanica and other Serbian enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija, on Monday August the 15th. He told the B92 TV that the hospitals in Gracanica, Strpci, Pruzani and other enclaves would be supplied with all the necessary medical equipment. He also reminded that the Government has already sent one shipment of medicines and medical supplies to Kosovo and Metohija (Kosovo) last week .

Meanwhile, Northern Kosovo Serbs are facing an impending economic and humanitarian crisis due to the lack of basic food and medical supplies. KFOR doesn't allow any vehicle to pass to the Northern part of Kosovo, so the basic supplies didn't arrive yesterday and the embargo on the goods from Serbia lasts for days now. The stores on the north of Kosovo are emptier by the day. Bread, milk, flour, oil and other supplies are missing from the store shelves.

At the same time, many of the employees of the biggest companies in the region are facing unemployment due to embargo.

Slavisa Stanic, General Secretary of the Economic Chamber of Kosovo and Metohija, stated for the newspaper "Politika" that the economy in the north is in danger of the complete collapse, because it is unable to import raw materials or to transport goods to Serbia.

Thousands of people who work in large companies, such as "Trepca", in the Factory "Lola" in Lesak , the facilities in Zubin Potok, and in the factory "Simpo" in Zubin Potok, will remain out of work.

The team for the investigation of Dick Marty's report is ready

Section of the report, which was already distributed to the ambassadors of Security Council members, states that EULEX has completed formation of a special team to deal with investigation of allegations of the Council of Europe special rapporteur, Dick Marty, and that the investigation into the links of former KLA commanders with human organ trafficking is to begin soon .

Quiet night at the barricades

Last night, as all the previous nights since the beggining of the crisis in Northern Kosovo ( Kosovo and Metohia) on the July the 25th, Serbs remained on the barricades in the village Rudare, near Zvecane, while observing all the other roads leading to Brnjak and Jarinje crossings. It was quiet, as much as it is possible since they say the words "suspense" and "tension" are two best words to describe the situation in Northern Kosovo, says the reporter of KiM radio from Kosovska Mitrovica, Sladjana Trifunovic.

Mayors of four municipalities of Northern Kosovo sent a letter to Ban Ki-moon

The Greek newspaper "Proto Thema" reports that the representatives of four municipalities of Northern Kosovo (Kosovo and Metohia) have sent a letter to Secretary-General of UN, Ban Ki-moon, in which they expressed their concerns about the security of Serbian population in this part of Kosovo (Kosovo and Metohia), after the threats of the temporary Kosovo authorities from Pristina, that they would violently integrate the north of Kosovo and bring Albanian policemen and custom officers, after the departure of the KFOR. They stressed the importance of the information they have received about the possible action of KFOR, EULEX and the Kosovo police, that could endanger the stability and the safety of the region, but also the lives of both Kosovo Serbs and the members of KFOR and EULEX. In the same letter, that was also sent to the representatives of UNMIK, EULEX, KFOR and OSCE, the mayors of four municipalities reported that the Commander of KFOR, Erhard Buler's behavior is unprofessional and under the orders of the US Ambassador in Pristina, Christopher Dell.

The Security Council session to be postponed

The Security Council session that was scheduled for August 24th will most likely be postponed due to the two-day visit of Angela Merkel to Belgrade on August 22 and 23, that would prevent the Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic from arriving to UN headquarters in New York in time. "We are currently considering the option of postponing the Security Council Session for Monday August 29th, so that the Minister Jeremic could present the official position of the Serbian authorities on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija" said the Serbian Ambassador in the UN, Fedor Starcevic.

We will have to wait until then for the Ban Ki-moon's report on the crisis in Kosmet, because he had completed his regular report before the recent events took place. Beside the Ban Ki-moon's report and information about the recent events in Kosmet, there is to be discussion,on Serbia's request, that the investigation into allegations of Dick Marty gets a UN mandate.

In the days preceding the outbreak of violence, the United Nations have stated that the situation in the north is relatively peaceful, but tensions are slowly rising, especially because the local Serb leaders have consistently expressed concern about the intentions of the Kosovo authorities to expand their operations in northern Kosovo (Kosovo and Metohia), through the actions of ROSU unit and the traffic police.

Crossed traffic signs

On the traffic sign by the road Skopje-Pristina, at the entrance to the city, someone crossed the names of Belgrade and Pristina in the Serbian language and inscribed over the signpost

"Enver Zimberija street." Enver Zimberi was a member of a special unit ROSU who was killed during the violent try to take over administrative check-point Brnjak-Jarinje.

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