Srebrenica- "A town betrayed"

 I would like to open and close this post with a quote by an Irish writer Sebastian Barry:
"And all those boys of Europe born in those times, and thereabouts those times, Russian, Belgian, Serbian, Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, Prussian, German, Austrian, Turkish – and Canadian, Australian, American, Zulu, Gurkha, Cossack, and all the rest – their fate was written in a ferocious chapter of the book of life, certainly. Those millions of mothers and their million gallons of mothers' milk, millions of instances of small-talk and baby-talk, beatings and kisses, ganseys and shoes, piled up in history in great ruined heaps, with a loud and broken music, human stories told for nothing, for ashes, for death's amusement, flung on the mighty scrap heap of souls, all those million boys in all their humours to be milled by the mill-stones of a coming war."
"A Long Long Way"

Norwegian documentary about Srebrenica...

"Morality has its own civil wars, with its own victims in their own time and place."
Sebastian Barry
The Secret Scripture. 


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