Ensemble Renaissance - more than 3.000 concerts in 44 years of existence

                                                    Skomraška igra

Belgrade Ensemble Renaissance was born in the fall of 1968. when they first amplified the partitures on historical instruments that Dragan Mladenovic Shakespeare brought from Prague and Vienna. The founders of the Ensemble, Miomir Ristic, Ljubomir Dimitrijevicand Dragan Mladenovic Shakespeare (with the support of two colleagues, DusicaObradovic and Iskra Uzelac) held their first full-length concert on 14th January of 1970. in the Gallery of Frescoes in Belgrade. 


During the forty years of existence, the ensemble has held more than three thousand concerts throughout Europe (six in France and Italy, seven in Spain, four in Germany, three in Bulgaria and Romania and one in Finland, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium , the Netherlands, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Sweden), the Middle East (Syria) and North Africa (Algeria), and during the summer tour of the Adriatic Sea (1982-88).

                                                 "Polomka kolo/ Round dance"

From the very beginning, relying solely on their own means in purchasing the instruments (in the first 11 years all the earnings from their concerts were used exclusively to purchase the appropriate instruments), the ensemble is able today to perform the major part of musical heritage of Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque on replicas of preserved original period instruments. Replicas, made in well-known and best workshops of European craftsmen, represent in best and truest manner the lavish instrumentation of ancient times and the musical treasures of Europe in the period from 12th to 18th century.

The instruments used to perform traditional music of Serbia, Balkans, Middle and Far East include pipes, ocarinas, cavals, bagpipes, zurlas, lieritza, baglama, tzouras, sargija, saz, Chinese gong, Chinese traverso flute, Chinese violin, Chinese bells and Manchurian tambour. Percussion instruments inlcude tabor, tapan, bendir, def, daire, bells…  

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