Serbian Orthodox Monasteries in Kosovo among 5 Mediterranean Holy Sites

(ANSAmed) – BELGRADE, MARCH 9 – The Serbian monasteries in Kosovo were listed among the five most important holy sites of the Mediterranean along with Jerusalem, Mt. Athos, Mecca and Vatican.
Pecka Patrijarsija- Patriarchate Monastery
The decision on importance of the Serbian monasteries in Kosovo was rendered at an EU meeting in Brussels attended by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.
Barroso underlined the need for special protection of the Serbian holy places in Kosovo, adding the monasteries should be a source of inter-cultural dialogue, rather than conflict.
Upon completion of an analysis and an accompanying study, an international declaration will be adopted to proscribe the level of protection of the Serbian holy sites in Kosovo.


At least 8 monasteries have been destroyed during the Kosovo War by  Albanian barbarians.
EnglishSerbian CyrillicFoundedImage
Saint Archangels MonasteryМанастир Свети Арханђели1343
Banjska MonasteryБањска1312Banjska monastery-2010-1.JPG
Binač (Buzovik) MonasteryБинач/Бузовик14th century
Our Lady of LjevišБогородица Љевишка1307
Budisavci MonasteryБудисавци14th century
Devič MonasteryДевич1434
Dobra Voda MonasteryДобра вода14th century
Dolac MonasteryДолац14th century
Draganac MonasteryДраганац1381
Duboki Potok MonasteryДубоки Поток14th century
Globarica MonasteryГлобарица16th century
Gorioč MonasteryГориочearly 14th century
Grabovac MonasteryГрабовац14th century
Gračanica MonasteryГрачаница1310Gračanica.jpg
Kmetovce MonasteryКметовцеearly 14th century
Mušutište MonasteryМушутиште1315
Patriarchate of PećПећка патријаршија>1235Patriarchate of Peć 2010.JPG
Saint Barbara Monastery
Saint Marko KoriškiСвети Марко Коришки1467
Saint Uroš MonasteryСвети Урош>1371
Sokolica MonasteryСоколица14th century
Studenica HvostanskaСтуденица Хвостанскаearly 13th century
Tamnica MonasteryТамница14th century
Ubožac MonasteryУбожацlate 13th century
Visoki Dečani MonasteryВисоки Дечани1327Dečani3.jpg
Vračevo MonasteryВрачево1316
Zočište MonasteryЗочиштеbefore 1327
List of Serbian Orthodox monasteries

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