Is Trifunovic family about to lose their five children because they are poor?

The Social Service in Valjevo, Serbia threatens to take five children away from the Trifunovic family for no apparent reason other than them being poor. 

The father has a job, and they receive 8.000 DIN from Social Services but it still isn't enough for the state to let them keep their children. So the children are to be taken away and separated into two foster families that would receive financial help of 170.000 DIN from the state to support them. (!) 
Why didn't the state give that money to help Trifunovic family to support the children in their own home?!

They also said that parents would not be able to contact children without the foster families allowing it, which would mean that father, who works in a local school that the children will 
continue to attend, will not be able to go to work. 

The house where the Trifunovic family lives has its problems, certainly, but there are children living in the carton boxes in certain parts of our big cities and I don't see any social service taking interest in that.  
Is being poor enough to lose your children these days or is there something more to this story?  

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