Kosovo and Metohija: EULEX has been blocked again near Zvecan

About 100 people gathered this evening in a place Doljani, near Zvecan and with their vehicles blocked the road, to prevent three EULEX vehicles to pass through to the administrative crossing Jarinje in the far north of Kosovo and Metohija..
It is specified that vehicles of this mission can not move in the north of Kosovo alone, without a KFOR escort, "said to the BETA agency the member of municipal assembly of Zvecan Stevan Radovanovic.

"We will not let them pass, we will return them like the previous day, because the agreement we have reached with KFOR officer Joseph Lynch implies that until the regular meeting on Wednesday in SO of Zvecan, EULEX can pass only once in 24 hours, escorted by KFOR, provided they don't carry the Kosovo customs officers and border guards, "Radovanovic said.

Serbs in northern Kosovo are denying the freedom of movement to members EULEX because, as they say, they are not status-neutral and they are helping the "installation" of institutions of unrecognized state "Kosovo" in the north of province Kosovo province.

Source: http://www.vesti-online.com/Vesti/Srbija/209574/Euleks-ponovo-blokiran-kod-Zvecana?

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