Serbian Hero: Milenko Pavlovic

Milenko Pavlovic

Commander of the Hunters Regiment who took off instead of a junior officer to meet NATO squadron and without hesitation he embarked in the unequal struggle.

Lieutenant Colonel Milenko Pavlovic, of father Milorad and mother Radmila, was born in 1959. in the village of Gornje Crniljevo, near Osecina, in Valjevo municipality. First four grades of elementary school he finished in his native village, and then the next four in Osecina. He attended the Air Force Gymnasium in Mostar, and then continued his education as an Air Force Academy cadet in Podgorica, Pula and Zadar.

 Since 1982. he served in Batajnica. Two times he was exceptionally promoted: in the major's and the rank of lieutenant colonel.

The bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia found him in command of the 204th Hunters Regiment, whose headquarters were relocated to Stara Pazova.

 Around 12 o'clock on 4th of May 1999. a large group of NATO airplanes was observed, that was operating in the direction of Valjevo, mainly on the ammunition factory "Krušik", as well as military depots in the village Pričević. The command to fly was given to one of the younger officers, but the Colonel Pavlovic by telephone line ordered for the called pilot to be hold, and instead he took off in his MiG-29. He soon found himself over Valjevo, but immediately after the takeoff the alternator on his plane broke so that he lost his radar. Pavlovic embarked in an unequal battle, and soon, about 12 and 35, was hit by three missiles. He died still in air. His last words were: "They have me!", And the remains of his plane fell near the village of Petnica.
Milenko Pavlovic

He was buried on 6 of May 1999. at Bežanijska cemetery. He left behind his wife Slavica, and the sons Srdjan and Nemanja.

He has never been proclaimed for a hero. He was posthumously awarded Medal of Bravery and  the Gold Flying badge. In 2011 he was also awarded a Medal of St. Nickolaj, by the Bishof of Valjevo, Milutin. [1]

Commemoration at the memorial center

One other May, in 2005. in the Gornje Crniljevo they innaugurated the memorial complex, which includes a memorial fountain at which there is the wing of the downed MiG-29, and the memorial home "Milenko Pavlovic The Pilot", within the complex is also situated the Church of the Restoration of the Temple of of St. George and the court of the Football Club "Milenko Pavlovic The Pilot."

RTS made ​​a documentary film called "Flight to Death", which tells about the life and work of Milenko Pavlovic, as well as of his last moments. In the documentary, they are talking to his parents, wife, sons, friends and colleagues.

Source: Moj Heroj


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