Details of the new action in northern Kosovo after the 16th September!

We stumbled upon this alarming news, where else but on the page of Facebook Reporter, and we thought it would be wise to inform both the domestic and foreign public about it...

1. Participation of combat helicopters "Apache",
2. Two large boats delivered to transfer KFOR special forces over the Gazivode lake,
3. Main forces would be shifted in direction of Podujevo-Bajgora-Banjska to avoid blockades in Zvecane
4. Heavy equipment to break the blockade was already in the "Notinghil" base
5. Use of force permitted.
  80 mercenaries from Albania and Macedonia took positions- Bajgora Svinjare Wet Gora.

These are the details of the new plan for the military-police operation, which is scheduled for 16th, but will be conducted after September the 16th. I managed to get hold of the plan and I have to admit that I am very disturbed by the potential for causing destabilization that this plan has. Knowledge of the details I have provided is vital to those who are to oppose this action. It is a joint action of the KPS, ROSU, KFOR and EULEX. 

This is a classic military or combat action and extremely dangerous for the Serbian people. 
It is necessary that the public, both domestic and international, become familiar with the details ...
M. Drecun, journalist, writer and military-political analyst

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