Press Release of SNC of North Kosovo and Metohija

Serbian National Council of the North of Kosovo and Metohija


Unprovoked attack against unarmed Serbs at the administrative crossing Jarinje, is a fascist-like  act of American and German members of NATO. Together with EULEX, NATO has a role of the military service to Albanian separatists, as well as being an armed and strong support to the cause of persecuting the remaining Serbs and establishing a criminal state of Albanian terrorists, known American and NATO allies during the 1999 bombing and colaborators of ocupational forces in the WWII.

With fascist coloured homicidal lust, American and German soldiers fired live ammunition not only to participants in peaceful protest at the barricades, but the ambulances with wounded Serbs, as well as the medical staff who came to help the wounded.

NATO has committed crime against Serbs in Jarinje, and the reaction of Serbian state leadership, is to  call the unarmed participants of peaceful protest on the barricades, by order of the West, for "restraint", is rough, unsustainable and very harmful substitution of theses for the Serbs.

Following such unsustainable statement from the President of Serbia, following an armed attack of U.S. and German troops against Serbs in Jarinje, the German government immediately resorted to even more open and rougher substitution of theses and shamelessly announced that "the use of force against the soldiers of KFOR, by Serbian extremists, is not acceptable and that Belgrade must send a clear word to those who are responsible for the outbreak of violence." Belgrade did so, but those "clear words" were wrongly and 'upside-down'  addressed, so that the call for restraint was sent to Serbs, who were victims of violence, instead of American and German soldiers who fired live ammunition at participants in peaceful protest  seriously wounding seven Serbs .

Encouraged by President Tadic's statement, as well as the German government, reacted the European Union, which "condemned the violence against members of the international community in the north," so that the victims of armed violence by the  American and German soldiers were blithely appointed as bullies.

Demolition of barricades and armed attack on Serbs in Jarinje happened only a day after a statement by Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac that "international forces movement should be enabled troughout the whole province," and immediately after an armed attack against the Serbs, the EU said that  "the barricades are restricting freedom of movement and must be removed" . In any case, we see many similarities in the statements of Serbian officials and the West, where many stands of Belgrade serve as an alibi for anti-Serb actions in Kosovo and Metohija.

Kosovska Mitrovica,
28th 09th 2011th
North of Kosovo and Metohija



  1. Please forward to Dr. Milan Ivanovic.
    Dear Dr. Ivanovic. I have seen your press release and agree with you that the illegalities in Kosovo, under the protection of a UN mandate have to cease. As much as I would like to publish much needed information, I can not publish your press release as it is.

    I would advise you to think about whom you want to convince; the people that already know, or the people who have been relying on strongly biased western media reports.

    I hole heartedly invite you to write an article that is an in depth analysis of the history leading up to the current situation, based on fact, with factual language ( you are a doctor, you know how to write ), well sourced, well documented, and with argumentative opinion without insult.

    That is much more effective, reches out to far more readers, and that I would publish without hesitation.

    write to me at

    Warm regards

    Dr. Christof Lehmann

  2. Dear Mr. Lehmann, we have just translated the press release in English, we don't have Mr. Ivanovic contact, though it shouldn't be dificult to reach him. Maybe You can contact Mr. Ivanovic personally if you wish his insight into Kosovo conflict. This blog tries to translate important news regarding Serbia, in order to prevent the usual lack of information or deliberate manipulation of public opinion from the mainstream media, that has damaged Serbs many times in recent history, considerably adding to the demonization of Serbs as a nation in the civil war in Bosnia and Croatia, and later in Kosovo, making us something of an easy mark for anyone with pretensions in Balkan. We also provide our two cents from time to time, so you might find some interesting documents and posts in our archive that could shed some light to current events. All the best and thank You for visiting our blog.


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