KFOR shooting live ammo on Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

Jarinje 13:53

KFOR threw tear gas and stun grenades at the gathered  Serbs in Jarinje. There are injured. KFOR soldiers removed the barricades on the alternative road to Jarinje. Here we see the picture of KFOR soldier provoking by removing the Serbian flag from the barricades in Jarinje.

 New clashes occurred after local Serbs threw stones at KFOR toward Macon as a truck was brought in front of the barbed wire that the KFOR troops placed to block the alternative road to central Serbia. KFOR then responded with a lot of tear gas and rubber bullets. ( we'll see about that later...) TANJUG team car was damaged by rubber bullets.

After that KFOR shot at the ambulance and doctors when they came to pick up the injured Serbs. In spite of the shooting, 3 ambulance cars managed to transport 7 injured people ( 6 wounded and 1 with eye problem due to exposition to tear gas) to the Hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica where they were taken care of.

Health condition of seven injured Serbs is still difficult, but according to the doctors in Kosovska Mitrovica their injuries are not life threatening.

The first wounded, who was transported to the hospital was hit by rubber bullets, while other injured have bullet wound, it was announced in the  Kosovska Mitrovica hospital. According to statements of the hospital staff, Aco Radulovic suffered the most serious injuries, he was shot in the stomach and spine. Other than Radulovic, in the clashes with KFOR  Milan Premovic and Stevo Petronijevic were also injured.

Deputy spokesman for KFOR, Kai Gudenoge said that the soldiers were forced to fire rubber bullets on the Serbs in "self defense" ??? Well that really doesn't explain the bullets found on the X-rays of the injured, does it? Why such animosity?! Didn't they like the Serbian hospitality? So we feed them cabbage and home made bread and that's how they repay...

                                      The X-rays clearly show small bore bullets! Evidence that KFOR fired live ammunition! 

KIM Radio has learned that one of the injured- Mladen Antonijevic, was wounded when the bullet hit him in the jaw as he tried to bring one of the injured to the ambulance. Antonijevic has a broken jaw and he is in stable condition at Health Center Kosovska Mitrovica. The names of three other injured have not yet been announced. 

Director of the Health Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica, Milan Jakovljevic said that up to 14:00  the health department received seven people who were injured earlier today in Jarinje, and hospital appeals to blood donors to donate blood. 

Meanwhile, KFOR has expanded its base over the administrative crossing Jarinje and in the afternoon four helicopters arrived with reinforcement soldiers.

"Serbian President is very concerned about the conflict (?? and again?) and the worsening security situation in northern Kosovo. (Hmm, not like he didn't have ample time to deal with those threats...)
He calls on Kosovo Serbs to show the much needed peace and restraint, condemns use of force and calls for calm, "because the preservation of peace and dialogue is the only way to solve the problem."

Tadic added that the international forces are there to defend the unarmed citizens, and not to clash with them."I call on KFOR to the maximum restraint," says the president of Serbia.

Tadic stressed that KFOR troops have to be status neutral and must not use force against citizens, and the Kosovo Serbs to maintain composure and not fall for provocations.

"No problem can not be solved by violence, and bringing people's lives at risk is no contribution to defending our interests. The value of human lives is above all else and must be preserved," Tadic said, as quoted by the Press Service of the President of Serbia. .

The current situation at the crossing Jarinje is peaceful, but tense.
Several dozen people are still gathered near the crossing.
KFOR controls the crossing, and the number of troops on their arrival by helicopter at about 15 pm are no longer increasing. Several dozen people still stands on the asphalt road, on the Ibar highway near the crossing.

It is peaceful  in Leposavić also. Serbs are gathered on the barricade at a place called Vodice where neither KFOR, nor EULEX vehicles are allowed to pass, but only civilian cars.

The atmosphere is very tense and people are very tense. 

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