Russia opposed the Albanians in Serbia and Kosovo conflict

Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern over the next surge of tension in Kosovo , where the clashes continue for the second day between the population of Serbian enclaves and units of NATO forces in Kosovo.

  Alexander Lukashevich official representative of the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement: ""Another outburst of tension in Kosovo confirmed the warning, that we in Russia expressed repeatedly, of the dangerous consequences of claims of Pristina (Kosovo unofficial government - prim.RBK) for control of the administrative line between the province and the rest of Serbia. Indulging the Kosovo Albanian side contributes to its aggressiveness , unwillingness to seek compromise solutions, for the legitimate interests of all ethnic groups living in Kosovo ", - said A. Lukashevich. 

"Let me remind You, 27 September 2011. Serbs living in Kosovo have opposed attempts of Pristina to establish control over a number of control checkpoints in the north. NATO troops, who represent the forces in Kosovo, tried to bring the situation under control. The result was a series of collisions during which there were injured from both sides. "

The Kosovo government has not established control at border crossings Brnjak and Jarinje in the northern areas of Kosovo. An attempt to do so in July 2011. did not succeed and has led to the mass protest of Serbs. The situation has stabilized after the intervention of KFOR, which currently holds control of the crossing September 7 this year Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci announced that in the second half of September 2011. at border crossings of Brnjak and Jarinje will be placed customs officers and border police forces. 

Source: SPB
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