Kosovska Mitrovica – to inform our Serbian brothers and sisters, first of all our martyrs from Kosovo, and the entire Serbian public – about the obvious and well documented announced aggression by NATO forces and separatists in the Shiptar-Free Serbian north of Kosovo, which will be attempted today – Our Kosovar brothers are organising a massive total blockade of all roads and crossings in the North!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The method of resistance which our brothers and sisters in Serbian Kosovo are using towards the occupiers at the moment is purely peaceful and „Gandhi"-like. This notice applies primarily to the brothers and sisters from Serbia, and to all Orthodox and fraternal countries as well, who are now rushing towards, or are already in Serbian Kosovo – they are required to unquestionably accept this way of legal civil resistance (disobedience) of our Serbian people from Kosovo – and to unconditionally listen to the commands of Serbian Crisis Staff and trusted local Serbian leaders. Please do not make this situation harder than it is and do not endanger the position of Serbian population in Kosovo with any reckless action – please fortify Serbian human shield barricades – and do not give any reason for the armed repression of the occupiers against defenseless Serbian population in Kosovo! Not only at the Free Serbian north, but also those in the occupied Serbian enclaves …

Our strongest weapon in this unfair fight between the Serbian „David“ and the invaders „Goliath“ is just a mass civil disobedience, passive physical resistance, to get an attention from domestic and international public and media focus on the suffering of Serbs in Kosovo. We have already managed to achieve the latter– the focus of the wider national and international public and media is now back in Kosovo – and thus we spoiled the main asset of NATO Shiptar insidious invaders – to complete the dirty work in silence,under the ‘cover of darkness’. All their plans now fell into the water – according to our reliable sources, mutual suspicions and clashes emerged (because of the exposed details of their plans that we announced two days ago), not only between Siptar factions and security services – but between Shiptar and NATO as well, servants and their masters..

Therefore, it is now extremely important to maintain a cool head, but remain consistent and courageous in our heroic struggle for basic human freedom and national dignity of our disenfranchised people in Kosovo. Throughout the process, unfortunately, in addition to the occupier, we should not have any confidence in Tadic’s regime, which has recently tried to legitimize a false Shiptar state signatures in Brussels. For Tadic’s regime Serbian Kosovo is only a burden on their imaginary and demented way to EU, „ballast“ that they, along with any other of our national values (which are already sold out), are ready to obediently sacrifice, in order to achieve their own political interests and colonial agenda of their Euro-Atlantic masters.

Our editorial staff has reliable information that in the preparation of destabilizing the North and providing excuses for the occupiers for the „full“ military aggression against the north, along with the western secret services and Shiptar,Tadic’s regime and his secret services are also actively involved. Along the way, some European anarchists, and members of the so-called „Communist International“ are targets for the recruiting, in addition to foreign mercenaries, and well-meaning and naive Serbian patriots. Under these plans, these individuals would be misused for the escalation of a wider conflict with the largest armed force in the world, with NATO, and then withdrawn from Kosovo (or killed), and the Serbian population in Kosovo would be left in the lurch, exposed to the permanent ethnic cleansing from their ancestral homes . Which would subsequently give a ‘legitimacy’ to anti-Serbian President Boris Tadic to publicly renounce Serbian Kosovo, and accept „the actual situation on the ground“, as he had done countless times before.

Any normal person should ask herself, why would a legitimate Serbian State use any illegitimate moves to protect its legitimate national territory, national interests and its citizens? Although the Serbian state doesn’t have powerful army as we had in previous years, it still has a very powerful paramilitary Gendarmerie-like units, and each has a constitutional, God and the human right to mobilize and arm the territorial defense units-both in the central Serbia, and the occupied territories of our Serbian state.

It is also indicative that: The occupation plans, which were revealed to the public on the pages of this blog thanks to Mr. Drecun, and the above-mentioned activities of Western and Serbian secret services overlap in many details – and represent an occupation and Serbian ethnic cleansing of the North!

In the following days, many unpleasant facts about the serbian regime will be unmask and expose the dirty role of Tadic’s regime in the betrayal of our national interests. We are not currently in a situation to present all the facts at our disposal for reasons of security of our sources. All citizens of Serbia, in need of legal state aid and advice on these events, we advise you to contact the Russian embassy, which is familiar with the whole situation and working on a „resolution“ of the situation in our national interest-,as well as state agencies of Serbian Republic, which in this situation is the only fully functional and real Serbian state. Unfortunately, the official Belgrade is just another NATO protectorate like Pristina and Podgorica.
In front of the editorial board FB Reporter

Miodrag Novakovic

Translated from Serbian by the SerbiaSOS team
Original link in serbian language: http://www.vaseljenska.com/vesti/vazno-obavestenje-kompletna-blokada-severa-kim/

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