They shot at us while we carried the wounded

- Such thing is unheard of elsewhere, to shoot at people carrying wounded man! We were carrying a man who was wounded in the leg towards the ambulance. I have never seen such an open fracture. His bone has raptured all the way through, and they were shooting at us. I never felt when the bullet hit me in the chin. All of a sudden I was in a semiconscious state- says for "Blic" 31-year-old Mladen Antonijevic, who was wounded at the administrative crossing Jarinje by the shots fired by KFOR soldiers.

Beside Antonijevic , in the trauma ward of the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica there are also Alexander Radunovic (35), Sasa Stanojevic Nebojsa Radojicic (38), Stevo Petronijević (44) and Milan Premović (44).

- I was shot first. Two bullets in the leg and one in the shoulder. However, most importantly, I am now well - Sasa Stanojevic said, adding that as soon as he recovers, he will again be at the barricades if nothing changes for the better.

The doctors have assessed as the most serious injuries those of Radunović Alexander. The bullet hit him in the left lung, and he was operated.

- I have two children, son and old daughter. I do not like to be on the barricades. None of us likes it. But I have to give my children a future in this our country - Radunovic speaks slowly as we see his face in spasm from pain.

And Nebojsa Radojicic has the same opinion.

- I have three sons, 6, 11 and 16 year-old. All three are athletes, I teach them such a life. I do not want my sons to be at the barricades, I need to provide them with the future - said Radojicic, who was wounded in the abdomen and right lower leg.

The bullet hit Radojicic while, as he says, he was in a shelter. It was him that Antonijevic was carrying to ambulance when he got shot in right side of his jaw.

All wounded Serbs say that as soon as they recover and leave the hospital once again they will be at the barricades to defend the survival of their people in Kosovo.

"Your wire, our barricades "

On the administrative crossing Jarinje yesterday morning was quiet. At the base of KFOR there were two carriers parked, and helicopters flew over from time to time from the Croatian unit . Wearing full war equipment ,German soldiers were observing some thirty gathered Serbs who were peacefully protesting about thirty meters from their position. The Serbs were standing on a three-meter high barricade and shouted: "Your wire, our barricades ." 

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