A photo from one of Pristina shop windows.

Four black eagles signify:
Greater Kosovo (with parts of Montenegro and Presevo valley);
 Republic of Albania,
"Ilirida" (North Western Macedonia) and
Cameria (Northen Greek Epirus).

Kosovo Massacre: In Memoriam - twelve years after the Nis Express Massacre

"Nis Express Massacre"  happened, on February 16, 2001, near Podujevo. 
The terrorist attack was performed by members of so called Albanian National Army (ANA or AKSH) which was two years later proclaimed by UNMIK chief a terrorist organization. What happens with Ejupi after he was arrested in Tirana in 2004 is not clearly known. KIM Info service learns that he may have been charged for killing some policemen but not for the NIs Express attack.
This heinous crime, one of the worst of its kind in post-war Kosovo has never been fully investigated by UNMIK police and KFOR and its perpetrators have not been brought to justice until know. 

One of the suspects, a Kosovo Albanian former UCK/KLA millitant Florim Ejupi, a member of a terrorist organization ANA(Albanian National Army - AKSH) managed to ran away from the US Millitary Detention facility at Camp Bondsteel in Eastern Kosovo under very mysterious circumstances.

УСТАВ КЊАЖЕСТВА СЕРБИЈЕ. издан и заклетвом потврђен О СРЕТЕНСКОЈ СКУПШТИНИ 1835 ГОД. У Крагујевцу.


и заклетвом потврђен
У Крагујевцу
Глава прва 
Достоинство и простор Сербије

1) Сербија је нераздјелно, и у прављенију свом независимо Књажество по признанију Султана МАХМУДА Другога, и Императора НИКОЛАЈА Првога.

2) Сербија дјелисе на разна Окружија, а Окружија на Срезове и Обштине. Границе и имена први могу се законом и мјењати и дотеривати на округ.

Depleted Uranium weapons are nuclear weapons!

German physician Professor Dr. Günther was the first in the world, to bring forward proof that depleted uranium weapons (bullets, shells and bombs) are nuclear weapons.

Depleted Uranium Keeps On Killing/ LINK

In the early 90s, inside his diplomats’ luggage, he managed to bring in some of these DU ballistics over from Iraq and arranged their investigation at three research institutes in Germany, which confirmed his suspicions that NATO had used nuclear weapons in the Gulf War!

Two Serb children injured by an explosive device in Kosovska Mitrovica

Serbian children injured in an explosion/ photo 
Source: Tanjug
Late on Monday in Northern Kosovska Mitrovica two children, boy and a girl age three and nine, were injured in a blast when an unidentified person threw an explosive device at a Serb house in Bosniak Mahala, one of the mixed quarters in Kosovska Mitrovica which is a home to both Serbs and Albanians.

The Srebrenica massacre was a gigantic political fraud - exclusive interview

John Robles
31.01.2013, 15:29
Renowned author Dr. Edward Herman spoke with the Voice of Russia regarding the facts surrounding the Srebrenica Massacre, the pretext for the "humanitarian" invasion of the former Yugoslavia, and takes apart the "official" version that has always been promoted by the West. Dr. Herman reveals that there were in fact multiple massacres at Srebrenica, and that the killing of Bosnian-Muslim soldiers at Srebrenica (the West's pretext) was in response to the killing of over 2,000 Serb civilians, mostly women and children, at the location.


Robles: My first question is about “The Srebrenica Massacre” and the way that the establishment manipulated the media. Can you tell us, or give us some insights, on that?
Herman: The Srebrenica Massacre, actually I always put it in quote marks, because actually there were lots of massacres in the Srebrenica area, the one before July 1995 there were vast numbers of Serbs killed by Muslim, Bosnian Muslim, forces who went out of Srebrenica.
One estimate is that there were more than 150 Serbs villages that were totally wiped out and one study gives actually gives the namesof 2,383 Serb civilians who were killed between 1992 and July, 1995. So then we’d call that “The First Srebrenica Massacre”. Then in July 1995…

Depleted Uranium Radiation resulting from NATO Bombings in Serbia : High Incidence of Cancer

Video: NATO bombings’ aftermath takes toll on Serbia

by Ljubica VujadinovicFirst Published: Apr. 01, 2010 – All Voices
A leading Serbian expert in the field says the NATO’s use of depleted uranium ammunition in it’s aggression on Serbia has caused enormous increase in cancer rates and number of newborns with genetic malformations.

Depleted Uranium-Waffen sind atomare Waffen !

Der deutsche Mediziner Professor Dr. Günther war der erste in der Welt, der den Beweis erbracht hat, dass es sich bei Depleted Uranium-Waffen( Kugeln, Granaten und Bomben) um atomare Waffen handelt.
Depleted Uranium Keeps On Killing
Photo: Depleted Uranium Keeps On Killing  LINK 

Er ließ Anfang der 90iger Jahre einige dieser DU-Geschosse aus dem Irak im Diplomatengepäck mitbringen und veranlasste deren Untersuchung an 3 wissenschaftlichen Instituten in Deutschland, was seinen Verdacht bestätigte, dass die NATO im 2. Irak-Krieg atomare Waffen eingesetzt hatte !
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