The Future of the Republic of Srpska

Republic of Srpska (Republika Srpska, Serbian Republic) is practically independent, it has it's own constitution, legislation, judiciary, Parliament, Ministers, Prime Minister, President, and on top of that no one from Republic of Srpska wants to live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor considers Bosnia his state. 

Republic of Srpska, Capital Banja Luka

American bombs were the ones which pushed three sides (Muslims, Croats and Serbs) into one cattle pen as a temporary solution after the war.

Cancer occurrence among Kosovo Serbs increased up to five times due to DU used in NATO bombing!

Pancevo under NATO bombs
In the first two years after the '99. NATO bombing with depleted uranium, cancer occurrence among Kosovo Serbs increased up to five times![1] Radioactive matter J 131 is usually isolated from the biopsy samples. The most common are lung cancers, and cancers of reproductive organs. NATO troops have been affected as well, especially Italian an Portuguese contingent. NATO is still paying damages to the families of deceased Italian KFOR troops in a low-profile, out-of-media case.

Smoke rising over bombed oil rafinery in Novi Sad /Photo Reuters

Eustahia Arsic: First published Serbian female writer

Eustahia Arsic, first woman writer in Serbia

The first female Serbian writer after Jefimija and the first woman from Serbia who printed her literary works.

She was born into a family of Cinčić in Irig, on 14th March 1776, and died in Arad on 17th February 1843.

There are no documents available about her schooling, but it is known that she was well educated. She read Rajić, Obradović, Stojković, Kengelc and Julinc. She was subscribed to all the works of Dositej Obradovic early in the 19th century in Arad, where she lived with her parents. Otto Ferdinand Dubislav von Pirch, in his book "Traveling trough Serbia" mentions that she has translated Voltaire, Wieland and James Thomson.

Beautiful Photos of Serbia

Blederija waterfall, Miroc Mountain, (Miroč)

Tara Mountain

Уго Чавез Фриас, Почивај у Снази

Eres de los muertos que nunca mueren!

Уго Чавез Фриас, са џепним издањем Венецуеланског устава

By Daniel Patrick Welch
Шта је овај човек значио и шта још увек значи за глобални југ и за све оне који теже ка бољем путу за човечанство, не може се довољно нагласити. Ја готово немам речи да опишем колико сам тужан. Један део мене само жели да се склупча и буде тужан, али истовремено осећам да је од изузетног значаја да пронаћем речи и да их разгласим, говорећи их опет и изнова. Viva Comandante Chavez! Viva la revolucion! Viva el socialismo bolivriano!! ( Живео Командант Чавез! Живела револуција! Живео боливаријански социјализам!)
Ово је застрашујући и рањив тренутак за народ Венецуеле и за било кога ко би се одупрео империјалистичкој агресији. Реакционарске снаге предвођене Сједињеним Америчким Државама су већ више пута покушале да покрену пуч против Чавеза, а несумњиво нешто покушавају истог овог тренутка. Иде им вода на уста на саму помисао критиковања једног од највећих симбола отпора, и свако коме је стало да се супротстави империји треба бити у стању високе приправности.

Serbian graveyards in Kosovo and Metohija: destroyed and desecrated

The stories of the tragic fate of the Serbian people you can read on site 
ISTOK, PEĆ — Serbian government’s Kraljevo-based Office for Kosovo on Sunday organized a visit to cemeteries in towns of Istok and Peć for displaced Serbs.
Both cemeteries have been desecrated.
In the town of Istok, where only several Serb families still live, more than 100 tombstones have been damaged and completely destroyed.
“A decade of madness cannot defeat centuries,” said Kraljevo-based Office for Kosovo Director Aleksandar Erac.

Last Salute to President Chavez and a couple of warnings regarding future

Chavez with his pocket edition of Venezuelan constitution

Sad news  - Hugo Chavez has passed away. Another great leader and a great Man is removed from his people when he is much needed, but I still believe that Venezuela will stay on the right path because the greatest thing that Chavez has accomplished in his life is empowering and educating the people themselves, so that now they can not be easily led arround blindfolded by the neo-liberal, capitalist pro-US elite.

Zivadin Jovanovic: There is an ongoing Third World War

An excerpt from Zivadin Jovanovic interview to the Serbian TV CG regarding the 14 years since NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro. Translation of parts of the original article  as published in Serbian on Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals

Translation from Serbian to English by Ana Tsivdari
NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro, 14 years ago was a war of conquest. The conquest of Kosovo and Metohija was the immediate objective. Aggression continued by breaking FRY, and it continues today by crushing Serbia. Brussels "negotiations" aimed to consolidate the objectives of the NATO aggression 14 years ago. Who dares and wants to see it can conclude that to the US, UK, Germany and the West (read: NATO and the EU) the "independent Kosovo" led by the former leader of the KLA terroristsis is more important than  Serbia. I am sad that the leadership of Serbia dares not or does not want to see that those countries ruthlessly humiliate Serbia and the Serbian people. We need not even get a date, nor a single membership, but we have to keep only the dignity, freedom and friends who do not blackmail and humiliate us.

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