Exhibition dedicated to Ivo Andric opened in Bucharest

Ivo Andric

The exhibition entitled Ivo Andric – Writer and Diplomat of the Museum of the City of Belgrade has been opened in the Museum of national Literature in Bucharest, the Belgrade Museum communicated. The exhibition, dedicated to the jubilee – the 50th anniversary since Ivo Andric got the Nobel Prize, was organized by the Association of Serbs in Romania, Serbian Embassy to Bucharest, Museum of National Literature of Romania, and the Museum of the city of Belgrade. 

Divna Ljubojevic voice of Angel

Divna Ljubojevic was born in Belgrade in 1970. 
Her remarkable voice was first recognized in early childhood by Mother Agnija, Abbess of Vavedenje Monastery. Believing that Divna's gift for singing should be nurtured and guided, Mother Agnija, herself a singer of great talent and knowledge, invited Divna to sing with the monastery choir. From age 10, Divna was tutored in the ancient tradition of Orthodox chant. Mother Agniya and the sisters of Vavedenje cherished and painstakingly preserved a musical style that originated from the Karlovatz chants, as well as traditional Byzantine and Russian modalities.

Serbs, I'm sorry I think you are Breiviks...

Serbs, according to Google Search...

Swedish radio host and actor Gert Filking, who insulted the Serbs with his scandalous statements in the live radio show that ran last Tuesday, calling us "psychopaths", "retarded", "Brejvics" and "damned pigs" ... apologized for this unprecedented scandal yesterday on his Facebook page.

Germany, Austria Sending Troops to Kosovo and Metohija for Serbia Vote

Germany and Austria said Saturday they are sending some 700 more troops to Kosovo to help prevent unrest in the north of the breakaway province ahead of elections in neighboring Serbia on May 6.
Germany's defense ministry said 550 soldiers would be deployed at the request of the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force, while Austria's defense ministry said 150 troops would join the Kosovo Operational Reserve Force.

Swedish radio host Gert Filking insulted Serbs in his show on Stockholm Radio 1

Gert Filking

Translation of article as published here
Famous Swedish actor and radio host Gert Filking insulted the Serbs at Stockholm Radio 1, calling them "Brejvics, damn pigs, psychopaths and retarded."

Human trafficking in Bosnia: What the UN Doesn't Want You to Know

Kathryn Bolkovac and Rachel Weisz at an afterpremier of "The Whistleblower"

In 1999, Kathryn Bolkovac went to Bosnia as part of a UN mission. She discovered terrible wrongdoing - and refused to stay silent about it. She tells Nisha Lilia Diu her incredible story, now the subject of a film starring Rachel Weisz.

A bloody scenario for the Serbs: Kosovo mafia operates best when there is chaos

Serb mafia members ended in prison, their Albanian cohorts without money
Translation of article published in Kurir

The threats of the Albanian National Army (ANA) are partly motivated by the need to terrorize the Serbs in order to keep them from voting, and on the other hand by the interests of the Albanian mafia who loses hundreds of milions of euros, because of the cutting of the routes used for drugs and human trafficking and the smuggle of consumer goods.

Mafia in Kosovo is trying to incite another conflict among the Serbs and Albanians

Albanians arming themselves again

Albanians are arming themselves and preparing to send a "message" to Serbian institutions in northern Kosovo according to newspapers in Pristina who quoted the Albanian "Top Channel TV". 

As stated, this is how the Albanians have interpreted the message by the Mayor of Mitrovica Avni Kastrati, who ordered them to "defend themselves". The massive rearmament came in the midst of a statement of Hajredin Kuqi, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, who has announced another action by the special forces (ROSU) in the north of Kosovo province.

Zivadin Jovanovic: Kosovo and Metohija - 13 years after the NATO aggression

History is only just beginning   

Zivadin Jovanovic
Thirteen years ago, our country and people were victims of NATO aggression. During the aggression more than 3,500 of our compatriots have lost their lives - the defenders of the country, soldiers, policemen, children, women and elderly.

How many compatriots have died from wounds and use of weapons containing depleted uranium, and how many are still dying, is not likely ever to be determined. Today we give our respect to them, and remember them with the deepest reverence and vow to never forget their sufferring and sacrifice.

Military aggression of 1999 was continued by other means until the present day. It is carried out by political, economic, financial, propagandistic and other pressures, by blackmail and manipulation.

Живадин Јовановић: Косово и Метохија – 13 година после агресије НАТО

Историја тек почиње

Живадин Јовановић
 Наша земља и народ били су пре 13 година жртве агресије НАТО пакта. Током агресије животе је изгубило више преко 3.500 наших сународника – бораца за одбрану земље, полицајаца, деце, жена и старих особа. Колико је сународника умрло од последица рањавања и употребе оружја с осиромашеним урнијумом, колико их и данас умире, тешко да ће се икада утврдити. И данас се њима клањамо са најдубљим пијететом и заветом да жртве и страдање никада нећемо заборавити.

Оружана агресија 1999. настављена је другим средствима све до данашњих дана.  Она се спроводи политичким, економским, финансијским, пропагандним и другим притисцима, уценама и манипулацијама.

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