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During the seventy-seven days of the NATO aggression, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [Serbia] has been exposed to extensive civilian [Serbs] destruction, unprecedented in modern history of the world. 
The NATO systematically attacked and destroyed civilian targets in the entire territory of Serbia, directly threatening the lives and fundamental human rights of the entire Serbian population.

From the onset of the NATO aggression against Serbia from March 24 until June 8, 1999, the North Atlantic Alliance carried out more than 35 000 assaults against the Serbia.

In air strikes were used: 
over 1 000 warplanes (among others F-15, F-16, F-117) and 206 helicopters.
More than 10 000 cruise missiles were launched and over 79 000 tons of explosives were dropped, including at least 152 containers with 35 450 cluster bombs, thermo-visual and graphite bombs which are prohibited under international conventions.
The greatest number of air-strikes were carried out in the wider area of Pristina (374), Prizren (232), Beograd (212), Urosevac (205), Djakovica (190), Kraljevo and Uzice (145 per town), Novi Sad (114), and so on.

Due to total destruction of industrial facilities throughout the country, more than 600 000 workers have become jobless. As a result almost 2.5 million citizens have no means to sustain minimal living conditions and are unable to ensure their existence.

Overall material damage is enormous.
Preliminary estimates indicate that barbaric air strikes of the NATO alliance, since the beginning of the unprovoked aggression, against industrial, commercial and civil facilities and infrastructure throughout the territory of the Serbia, have incurred damages in excess of 100 billion dollars.
Jump quck to view reports about damaged or destroyed cites:
Civilian casualties
Railways and stations
Roads and transporters
Industrial objects
Rafineries and warehouses
Agricultural objects
Public and housing facilities
TV transmitters
Monuments and museums
Diplomatic missions

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