Chinese to be taught in schools in Serbia
Desperate worker sets himself on fire
Serbian Ortodox Monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija among 5 top Holy Sites in Mediterranean
15:40 Football Association of Serbia will give a part of the income from the sale of tickets for tomorrow's qualifying match against Italy for the EPto support public kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija. This action is carried out in cooperation with the Diocese of Raska and Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija.
Part of the income from ticket sales will be used by FAS to help six public kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija, where they feed 1800 of the poorest people in the enclaves.

15:02 EULEX police yesterday said they had arrested six people suspected of participating in the machinations during the procurement for the Kosovo Police.
Among those arrested were three employees in a company whose name is not revealed by EULEX, two officers from the Police Administration of Kosovo and an employee in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Daily Zeri today announced that among those detained in yesterday's action are the inspector in the administration of public security and police Kadrush Kolici administrative head of the Kosovo Police Ragip Bunjaku and chief of public procurement in the Police Dževahira Vatovci.

They also detained three businessmen Astrit Pira, Armend Selimi and Lljber Saljihu.
According to unconfirmed data, Saljihu was released after giving a statement.

Pristina District Court yesterday put three people into custody of 30 days, reports Beta.

14:28 Russian Ambassador in Serbia Alexander Konuzin said that moves that the authorities in Pristina have taken in recent weeks are provocations and that "neither Pristina, nor international organizations, especially EULEX and KFOR, have no mandate to implement unilateral steps".

"Russia will continue in the future to provide versatile help to Serbia to protect its legitimate rights in relation to Kosovo," said Konuzin
in an interview to "Geopolitika".

Asked how he sees the possibility of Serbia joining NATO, Konuzin answered that the planning of security strategy is an issue that is strictly the responsibility of Serbia and its leadership and that Russia would not interfere in any case.

He added, however, that Moscow sees no military or political sense for Serbia's entry into NATO. / Tanjug

14:12 KFOR commander, German General Erhard Drevs informed the members of the Security Council on the current situation in Kosovo. On that occasion it was said that KFOR on the ground independently make decisions on necessary actions. 
Regarding  the investigation of the incident at the administrative crossing Jarinje, when the weapons were used by KFOR, at NATO headquarters they indicate that the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said he sees no need for further investigation, according to Tanjug.
18:00 The special investigation team of EULEX to investigate allegations of Dick Marty's report on organ trafficking of murdered Serbs and wide connections with the mafia of KLA leaders, began to work in Brussels. Team Leader, U.S. prosecutor John Williamson is coming soon.

17:30 International forces in Kosovo (KFOR) have no right to use force in Kosovo against the Serbian population in the province, because it contradicts the mandate entrusted to them by the UN, announced today the Kremlin.

17:20 Portaparol of EULEX, Gudeljević Irina said that in the investigation of corruption and fraud in procurement, the police of EU mission for organized crime arrested six people in 14 searches throughout Kosovo. 
Gudeljević explained that the allegations of fraud are related to the procurement process in the Kosovo police and on the company that police hired for procurement of weapons and ammunition.
Among those arrested were three people from this company, two government officials from the Kosovo police and one person employed in the Ministry of Interior.
Investigation is conducted by the EULEX Prosecutor from Special Court of Kosovo , and as a part of same action, the German police raided the business premises and one private house in Germany.
17:00 Serbian Progressive Party believes that 11 years after 5 October the situation in Serbia in all areas i worse than it was before those changes, said an official of that party Marko Djuric, adding that this applies to all spheres of social life. "You can see the worst people from both sides joined in Serbia " Djuric said, adding that citizens are deprived of what is perhaps the most valuable, and that is hope that things could be different. SNS official asked what happened "with more than 75 billion euros of investments that entered Serbia after October 5, 2000." and said that over during this 11 years period Serbia has experienced economic and moral decline.

16:30 The Serbian government's made a decision to abolish all customs duties and levies on imports of soy pellets in Serbia, said the Minister of Agriculture and Trade Dusan Petrovic.

The Minister said that this decision will affect the reduction of production costs of animal feed and therefore on the prices of finished products - meat and meat products.

President of the group of animal feed producers Dragoslav Milisavljevic said that eggs, meat and milk will become cheaper in the coming months `` from 10 to 15, maybe even 20% ``.

16:00 BELGRADE - By the end of 2011. There will be publication of plans to build new power plants (TPP) of 320 megawatts (MW) coal mines in the vicinity "Štavalj", whose production will be expanded, and in this period, Serbia will get a new oil company that will deal with the exploitation of oil shale deposits in Aleksinac , it was said in Belgrade on the parliamentary committee on mining and geology.

In underground coal mine "Štavalj" near Sjenica, whose confirmed reserves are 200 million tonnes (t), the planned annual production is at least 2.3 million tons, enough for the new TE over the next 50 years, said State Secretary environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Zlatko Dragosavljević at the meeting of this Committee.

According to the Secretary of State Dragosavljević, the value of investments in Pester plateau is about 750 million euros, which will provide employment of about 750 people.

15:05 Wife of of Iceland President Dorit Musaief Grismon left the company of politicians, jumped the fence and joined the people who protested outside parliament, dissatisfied with government work and the work of her husband...
15:00 Zorica Sentić writer who lives and works in France, five years ago launched a campaign to collect books "Let's Give a word," which aims for every village in Serbia to get a library.

Thanks to Zoricas enthusiasm and persistence and more than one million emails sent, as a response the books arrived in the most remote places across Serbia, and among active participants were also children.

14:30 BELGRADE, (AP) - The legal representatives and families of soldiers Dragan Jakovljevic and Drazen Milovanovic, who on this day seven years ago died in a military facility "Karas" in Topcider, requested that the mark 'SECRET' be removed from all the material related to the case.

The legal representative of the family Predrag Savic said that after seven years, the prosecution admitted that it is not a mutual homicide and suicide of soldiers , and that now remains to determine who and how killed them. 

Soldiers of the Guards Brigade of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro Dragan Jakovljevic and Drazen Milovanovic died under still mysterious circumstances on guard at the military facility in Topcider Karas, 5th October 2004. year.

14:00 High school student from Sremska Mitrovica died in Budapest when he fell from the fifth floor of the hotel, confirmed for the RTS the Director of high school Mira Djordjevic
10:05 Kosovska Mitrovica - Another night on the barricades in the north went without incidents. The Serbs were on duty at roadblocks leading to the administrative crossing Jarinje and Brnjak, and representatives of international forces and local institutions to reach those crossing had to use the helicopters.

10:00 Kosovska Mitrovica, 5 oktobar 2011th (AP) - A strong explosion resonated half an hour after midnight in front of the building at Filipa Visnjica st in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, but fortunately no one was hurt.

So far unknown device exploded and damaged two cars- "Audi" with no license plates and "Renault Clio", and the vehicle of the "Jazas" organization.

It is suspected that the target of the attack was a vehicle owned by Aleksandar Paunovic, translator in the EULEX, said KPS spokesman Besim Hoiti.

He added that there were no injuries, and that there were broken glass on a nearby building.

Investigation was conducted by KPS officers and forensic experts. The police say that so far they have no suspects for the blast.

09:30 BRUSSELS - NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the situation in northern Kosovo and KFOR's role will be one of the key points of the meeting of defense ministers of the Member States and the military alliance today and tomorrow in Brussels.

09:15 The powerful blast that happened half an hour after midnight in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica has damaged a passenger vehicle, but fortunately there were no injured.

The Kosovo police told Tanjug that an explosive device was activated 30 minutes after midnight in a parking lot in front of one of the apartment buildings behind the police station in northern Mitrovica.

Damaged vehicle is "Audi", whose owner is a person who works as a translator in EULEX.

09:05 The investigating judge of the Special Court in Belgrade will begin questioning in the afternoon, the suspects of embezzlement  in the "Kolubara" headed by the former Director of Mining Basin "Kolubara" Dragan Tomic...

09:00 In the past thirty days, the car-gas is more expensive for five to seven dinars, and other derivatives around two to three dinars.
The government finally warned that they are dissatisfied with the pricing policy and can not see the effects of opening the oil market. They announced that they will react to future price increases, and as one of the options referred to informally introduce some kind of tax on extra-profit. By adopting the new rules on liquid fuels, the government last month completely liberalized the oil market. This means that the two local products, D2 diesel and gasoline of 95 octane, which are produced by NIS, can now be imported. However, prices are not resting.

08:00 The first promotional flight of passenger plane is to be performed today at the airport "Morava" which has been adapted for civil use...

23:05 Red Star volleyball team won the first Super Cup of Serbia tonight, after they defeated Partizan in the Sumice hall 3:2 (25:17, 23:25, 25:21, 14:25, 21:19).

23:00 TIRANA - Albanian police arrested Hector Keljmendi (53) today , an Albanian from Kosovo, who is wanted in the U.S. on charges of human trafficking, law enforcement officials have said in Tirana. 
A police statement says that Kelmendi, also known as Deme Nikci, was arrested at the Morina border crossing between Albania and Kosovo. 
Kelmendi tried to enter from Kosovo to Albania, with a Serbian passport.
The statement adds that an international arrest warrant
was issued on Kelmendi, after the indictment in May 2010. against him in court in New York.
Albanian authorities are reportedly working to complete the documentation for the extradition Kelmendi.

22:30 During reconstruction of the roof in the facility of "FIAT" car factory in Kragujevac, thirty year old worker  Darko K. from Velika Plana was seriously injured. He has fallen from the 12 m high roof, under still unspecified circumstances. The injured worker was immediately transported into the ER and according to ER Chief, Dr. Dragčeta Radovanovic, he has multiple fractures of the extremities, and is in severe and life-threatening condition.22:00 President of Serbian Parliament Slavica Djukic Dejanovic talked with the Kuwaiti Parliament President Jasim Mohammed Al-Karafi, who is visiting Serbia, and thanked him for his principled support for territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia. Dejanovic stated that it would be extremely important for Serbia if Kuwait supported Serbia's initiative for an investigation under UN auspices based on Dick Marty report, which would determine the facts relating to trade of organs of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, it was announced in the parliament. President of the Parliament emphasized the gratitude of Serbia to the Fund for Arab Economic Development, who is willing to participate with 26 million euros in the reconstruction of Serbian Railways, added Dejanovic.


16:47 President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik received the delegation of Serbs from northern Kosovo. With mayors from the North of Kosmet he discussed the situation in Kosmet  the similarities and differences with the position of Serbs in Bosnia  Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska Serbian radio transmits.

Republika Srpska past few months provides the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija  the support and the concrete humanitarian aid said the mayor of Zubin Potok, Slavisa Ristic. He expressed gratitude to the media in Republika Srpska  for a fair and truthful reporting.

"We are at this point really in need of the truth as we believe that only truth will prevail and the truth is that in the area  of northern Kosovo since 25 July to the present day terror and violence are carried out against the Serbian population. I take this opportunity to express gratitude to the media here for their support and especially to Television RS on behalf of the Serbian people in Kosovo. I  would like to thank the leadership of the Republika Srpska for their support to Serbian people in Kosovo. We were looking forward to this visit to Banja Luka in  Republika Srpska  more than we look forward to visiting  Belgrade, lately..."Ristic said.,7,12614

16:34 Ombudsman, Sami Kurteshi condemned the killing of the Directorate for Education in the Municipality of Pristina, Remzi Salihu. The fact that the murder was committed in his work place makes the event even more difficult, said in a statement submitted to KIM Radio.
"This and other cases that occurred lately, as is the case of murders of young men in Pec, the first murder happened two months ago, while another murder happened two weeks ago in Pristina, the murder  and wounding of father and son on Saturday in Zrze village, are indicators of a fragile public security in the country. "

15:31 State Secretary of Austria Wolfgang Voldner and Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic spoke sharply today, in Serbia-EU summit in Belgrade, arguing the case of Kosovo and the partition of the southern province.

Voldner, who is Secretary of State for European and International Affairs, said at the summit that the Austrian government believes that Serbia should become a candidate for EU membership and start negotiations as soon as possible, but it is necessary to resolve the territorial conflict with neighboring countries.

According to him, Kosovo independence is a reality, and the division is not an option and as soon as possible we  should find a formula for the solution to the north of Kosovo.

After his speech, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said "Now so that Russian Ambassador Alexander Konuzin wouldn't have to react, I will."

He recalled that first Serbia was divided, in order to come later to the view that "there is no division".

"You talk about reality and reality of an independent Kosovo and that the division is not an option ... I remind you that first Serbia has been divided and then occurred the view that there would be no  division. That  firstly Serbian borders were changed, and then it was said no more border changes. Of the entire Communist, Tito's legacy, you only saved the borders, "said Dacic, according to Tanjug.

"The Albanians did not want to live in Serbia and I admit them that right, but Serbs do not want to live in an independent Kosovo. I expect that You  as a Democrat, acknowledge them the same right. " 

Dacic said that no country on the path towards the EU did not have to negotiate "what to do with a part of its territory."

"We are ready to negotiate even about it. You say that for the violence in northern Kosovo is responsibility of criminals, but crime in the north is child's play compared to crime in Pristina."

"If Thaci wins Kosovo north militarily, are we to  remain silent in order to enter the EU? "- Asked Dacic.
According to him, the current reality is that there are two Kosovo: the Serbian and the Albanian. "Your policy  all these years has recognized  the reality and eventually it will aknowledge this reality."

"It is important to resolve Kosovo's status with the consent of the country from which it is secessioned and this is beneficial for all of you, because every one of you has its own Kosovo, it's only a matter of time when it will be your turn  "

At the summit, the Russian Ambassador Aleksandar Konuzin, who recently sparked great controversy in the Serbian public appearance at a security forum in Belgrade on the Kosovo issue, was also present.

This was the translation of KIM Radio's article:,7,12611
13:44 Strategic Kosovo Action Network (KSAM) sent an appeal to the Kosovo institutions and the international community to promptly take appropriate actions and announce the motives of the latest crime that has occurred in a village near Orahovac Zrze, when Aca Putnik was killed , and his son Dobrica seriously injured . In KSAM, they believe Jahjagina statement made in New York's Columbia University, that "the police in Kosovo for the past seven years has not recorded any ethnically motivated crime." to be inaccurate.

KSAM recalls the results of the OSCE report, which confirms that the incidents occurred in recent years in which the victims are members of ethnic minorities, but that such cases of Kosovo courts are rarelycategorized as - ethnically motivated crimes, and their perpetrators most often are never found.,7,12608

11:52 The situation in northern Kosovo remained calm and under control. KFOR is considering talks with the Serbs, told KIM Radio Frank Martin, the deputy head of department for relations with the public.

11:43 Remzi Salihu, Director of the Directorate of Education in Pristina was killed this morning at 9 am . Salihu as  the sources of "Blic" from Pristina say, was killed in his office. As  our well-informed source adds, Saleh was taking bribes, giving promises about the appointment of directors of primary schools, which he then failed to meet. However, he was a member of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK - the party founded by Ibrahim Rugova). The first unofficial reactions to the murder of professor are those stating this murder also concerns the internal political turmoil in Kosovo scene. 

11:03 GORNJI MILANOVAC  - A fire that broke out last night in a family house in the suburb of Svračkovci in Gornji Milanovac killed Milomir Lazic (56), and his mother Milena (77) suffered severe life-threatening burns. 

10:04 Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said this morning that it was necessary for Serbia to be active in the case of Kosovo and Metohija and that it is necessary to have a position on the status of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbia should not be carried away anymore by the notion that all of Kosovo will be part of Serbia, said Dacic to TV "Pink". (Is someone waving a white flag here??)
Original article:,7,12603
He pointed out that the ethnic cleansing that has been going on for centuries has been legalized "but they can not take away from us the Serbian territories, the Serbian part of Kosovo, and this should be our red line". (the obvious question that arises is what Serbian territories does official Belgrade consider "Serbian red line"? Is it only North Kosovo? What about the Serbs living in other enclaves in Kosovo? He says that genocide that has been going on for centuries, has been legalized, and as a true member of legally and morally bending government, he dares not raise his voice against it, but rather goes along with it, speaking of some 'red line' that nobody ever asked the people living in Kosovo, where it should be placed...)

10:00  RT TV - NATO swaps bread for bullets at Serbia-Kosovo border [28/09/2011]

09:55 The night passed peacefully in the north of Kosovo , and citizens continued their tour of duty at the barricades placed across the north of Kosovo and Metohija.
Currently there are 18 road barricades one of which is located outside the territory of Kosovo and Metohija on the Jarinje crossing from the direction of central Serbia, that is in the middle zone from the direction of  Rudnice. Representatives of local government of Northern Kosovo announced yesterday that people persist in their demands that Kosovo police and customs should be removed from the crossing Jarinje and Brnjak and if not, they are even willing to spend the Winter on the barricades. 
They also announced that to all attempts of international forces  to remove the barricades they will respond by putting two new barricades in their place..

09:40 A Serb beaten and then arrested in Osojane
Nebojsa Djuric (1972)  A Serb from the enclave of Osojane (Municipality East) yesterday was beaten and then arrested.
Duric who is the father of two, went yesterday around 15:00  in his part of the forest, near the village of Osojane, he was accompanied by his father, and two minor children.
In the woods they came across a group of 10 Albanians who were stealing lumber There was an argument, Albanians beated him and that other man   In those moments, shots were heard but it was not determined who fired.
Soon the police came and without any investigation or taking statements, seeing the empty cartridges arrested Djuric, who had visible marks from the beating. He is to be detained for 48 hours. 
09:30 Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic called on KFOR and EULEX to protect the Serbian community in Kosovo, calling it unacceptable that there is killing, and that the international community is silent.
Bogdanovic stated for the  the RTS that it is expected of EULEX to take over the investigation  of the murder and wounding in the village of Zrze, near Orahovac, bearing in mind that this mission within its mandate, has a duty to protect all ethnic communities. 

08:26 Albanian hackers shot down the site of the  the President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina Sandor Egereši, this morning. On the web address hackers signed as "Red and Black hackers" have left their coat of arms with a map of Kosovo.
This is a continuation of the actions of the Albanian hackers who recently shot down a series of web sites in Serbia. 

02:30 Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Goran Bogdanovic said tonight that the European Union's mediator in talks between Belgrade and Pristina Robert Cooper will visit Belgrade on Friday.

23:00 Report of European Commission on how Serbia has met the requirements for obtaining candidate status for EU membership has already been written and is currently working on nuances, it was confirmed for the "Novosti" from sources close to the Serbian government.All that concerns the reforms of economic and social life "is closed", while the part that remained open regards northern Kosovo. And that part, according to estimates of the Serbian authorities, will remain open until just before the publication of reports 12th October.

21:00 The bridge on the Danube near Beska, the northern part of Koridor 10, which opens tomorrow, will be the first eco-built facility of its kind in Serbia. As announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, a special pool in which the polluted water that runs down from the bridge and access roads would be treated, shall be built in the vicinity of the bridge. The bridge has a total lenght 2 205 meters (m), with 3.5 kilometers (km) of access roads and the putting it into traffic , will definitively finish the highway from the Hungarian border to Belgrade, with a total length of about 200 km.
20:58 Serbia is the ruler of the European volleyball. Serbian female volleyball team in the European Championship finals, in the battle for the throne have overcomed Germany.  The team selected by Zoran Terzic played the game with a lyon's heart reaching the great triumph. Serbia - Germany 3:2 (16:25, 25:20, 19:25, 25:20, 15:9). They revenged Germany for the defeat in the group and joined the male volleyball team on the European throne.
20:00  In "Facebook" they have decided that "cookies" (files that Web servers recorded on computer disk) will be made unavailable for identification as an Australian programmer and hacker Nik Cubrilovic announced that this Social Web Network can track their customers even when they are off the network. As quoted by French electronic media, Cubrilovic said that this is possible by changing the "cookies" used by that social network.
19:00  Two victims of human trafficking from Serbia are now saved in the BiH police action to prevent human trafficking for prostitution, during which they arrested two suspects in Doboj. In the action  M.J. and Z.J. from Doboj were arrested and two victims of human trafficking from Serbia were rescued, said the head of the Doboj Public Security Centre (CJB) Tihomir Narić in a statement.
18:22 Belgrade - Police units are on the streets of Belgrade and other cities to prevent attempts to organize risky meetings (??), according to police. So far, six people were detained.

15:59 Representatives of local authorities of northern Kosovo and the Mayor the Head of Kosovska Mitrovica district asked today that an independent investigation into events at the administrative crossing Jarinje on 27th September, be carried out  under the auspices of UN.  He stressed the need to investigate first of all who made the order to use live ammunition, who fired on unarmed citizens and what was the role and function of EULEX in the moment.
15:28 Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija strongly condemned the killing of Alexander Putnik and wounding of Dobrica his son and demands that the perpetrators be found and shed light on the motive for the attack. Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija requested that for reasons of personal safety and security, injured Dobrica Putnik be transferred from Prizren to the hospital in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica.
14:00 Serbian tennis player Janko Tipsarevic won the first ATP title in his career on Sunday after winning Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis 2-0 (6:4,7:5) in Open Championship final in Malaysia.
13:48 Asked about the attitude of the Serbian Progressive Party in connection with the cancellation of parade, Vucic told BETA that the government "annoying the people" with that issue to draw attention from more important life issues in Serbia such as the difficult economic situation and the problems in Kosovo and Metohija.
13:00 Female volleyball team today in the final against Germany. Serbian female volleyball team on Sunday ,18:00 in Pioneer Hall will be playing the final match of the European Championship against Germany's team.

12:37 State Secretary Oliver Ivanović urged KFOR Commander Erhard Drevs to accept talks with Serb representatives on the settlement of the crisis in the north of the province indicating that the current "stalemate" is unsustainable. Ivanovic told reporters in Kosovska Mitrovica, that KFOR commander should "change the approach" and talk to Municipal Presidents in the north, if not with representatives of the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija, RTS reports. "The current situation in the province needs a solution," Ivanovic said, reminding that Serbs are only demanding for guarantees there would be no repeat of the events of 25 July when the special unit of the Kosovo police tried to take the crossings. " Ivanovic said that those were "modest demands," but that without their fulfillment Serbs in northern Kosovo will not agree to remove the barricades. 

10:55 A Serb killed in Djakovica
Acko Putnik (51) from Orahovac died in hospital in Prizren from received wounds. He and his 25 year-old son Dobrica was shot around 2:30 last night in a village near Djakovica Zrze.
10:52 BELGRADE - The Serbian government of Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic has borrowed during the last three years from abroad, 5.7 billion euros and will probably go down in history as a government which most indebted citizens of Serbia, Blic writes today. The largest part was spent on salaries and pensions, while on visible projects, according to rough calculations, only under one third of the loan went. Total debt at the beginning of the mandate of the 2008. amounted to 8.7 billion euros. Today it's just over 14 billion, and only this year the state has indebted the citizens of Serbia around two billion euros.
At the same time... "The army of oppressed, those who are deprived of their rights by employers and invisible to inspection work mostly in construction, catering, and even in media and culture. A black hole in the budget, and if you take a medium estimate is that in Serbia there are 600,000 such workers, simple math says that the state loses unpaid contributions that amount to 5.4 billion euros a year, learns the Belgrade media. " About the same amount that our government borrowed from the foreign institutions in the last 3 years, that is...

10:20 Political analyst Dusan Janjic evaluates the events in the north as a continuation of the events from July. He said the biggest loss is reflected in the re-introduction of fear, uncertainty and unrest among the people 

09:55 Barricades on the main bridge over the Ibar River in Kosovska Mitrovica, four meters high, tonight , were reinforced with concrete. In northern Kosovo, Serbs are still blocking all major roads.


14:00 How were they selling kidneys in Kosovo - Indictment in case of "Medicus" has nothing to do with events in the "yellow house", explains EULEX 
The arrest of Dr. Yusuf Sonmez, Istanbul 12.01.2011 Photo Fonet
The case against the Turkish doctor Yusuf Sonmez, who is on trial in Istanbul due to an illegal organ trade, has nothing to do nor affect the case known as the "yellow house" in which the victims were Serbs, which is processed by the EULEX prosecution . 
As a spokesman for EULEX Irina Gudeljević, explained to "Politika" these are two completely different cases. For human organs trade at the clinic "Medicus" there are two indicements, while the case of the "yellow house" which was investigated by Dick Marty, Rapporteur of Europe is still under preliminary investigation. /

13:28 Head of the Belgrade negotiating team in dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said today regarding the deployment of special units of the Kosovo ROSU in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, that it is completely irresponsible to "rattle the gun" in the current situation. 

13:18 War crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said that the death of a key witness in the case of the crime of Fatmir Limaj, is evidence that EULEX does not have adequate mechanisms to protect the witnesses, but he also stated that there are problems with witnesses in Serbia too.

"EULEX has tried to protect the witness Agim Zogaj by moving him out of Kosovo.
His father - I read in the press, said he did not want to go out of the house. It is obvious that he was not well enough protected. I am afraid to even think what would he go trough in Kosovo when he was found in Germany, "said Vukcevic for today's" Evening News ".

Vukcevic said that this is a great loss because Zogaj is one of the key the witness the crime of in Klecka 1999. 

11:25 Jarinje opened for traffic. KFOR soldiers, around 10 am, opened the administrative crossing Jarinje for cars, pedestrians and vehicles with non-commercial goods.Further passage to Leposavic, Leske and Kosovska Mitrovica, however, is not possible because of  the barricades that Serbs set 200 meters from the new boundaries of the  international force base, RTS reported.

10:41 The situation in northern Kosovo have a negative impact on the lives of Serbs in other areas in Kosovo and Metohija, said on the show "The deal" of KIM Radio Goran Arsic. In the same program, Bojan Stojanovic said that the Serbs south of Ibar river, because of unrest in the north should not fear but rather to act according to circumstances.
"The Serbian population in Central Kosovo has no mechanisms and can not protect itself in the manner in which the Serbs in the north do. There it is enough for Albanian not to tell you a good day or not serve you in the shop and you will be left without the goods and normal living conditions " Bojan Stojanovic, Mayor of Gracanica said.

10:06 EU mission in Kosovo (EULEX) stepped out of framework of its mandate by bringing the Albanian customs officials at the administrative crossing Jarinje and Brnjak but the mission's withdrawal from Kosovo would not be good for the local Serbs, said the government's Office Director of Media Relations Milivoje Mihajlovic.

09:56 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concern over the death of a key witness in the trial of former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Fatmir Limaj and called for strengthening of the witness protection system.

09:50 Last night in the north of Kosovo was peaceful, and citizens, as previous night, manned the barricades on roads leading to the administrative crossings Jarinje and Brnjak and main roads in the interior.

20:34 The KFOR who took over the barricade on the road towards Jarinje around 12:00 today, didn't even allow the representatives of UNMIK to approach and convey the messages from the citizens. Citizens have asked Sorensen to solve the problem of the nine families that remain trapped in the expanded area of KFOR, and to ensure that they can visit the cemetery next to the base in the same zone. Sorensen said that all these issues can be resolved through talks and tried to convey these requirements to KFOR when he was banned from returning to the base of the international force.

18:35  "NATO’s force in Kosovo has said it will shoot to kill anyone who crosses a barricaded area near the disputed checkpoint on Serbia's border with Kosovo, reports RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky. On releasing this message, the allied pro-Kosovo forces brought in bulldozers and demolished the barricade built by ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo at the border with Serbia. But Serbs at the remaining barricades will not leave their positions. “We have lost a battle, but not the whole war,” they told RT. " 

                                   NATO issues Kosovo shoot to kill warning!!

18:30 -In a swift action by members of the US-German KFOR  one of the biggest roadblocks in the territory of northern Kosovo on the administrative crossing Jarinje, was removed. Heavy equipment destroyed the barricade at the same time while Farid Zarif, Head of UNMIK, met with local municipal leadership in Leposavic. Shortly after the demolition of the barricades, with the help of heavy equipment,  Serbs set up a new one. In the late afternoon the administrative crossing  was visited by Erhard Drevs, KFOR chief, who asked to meet with Branko Ninic, Mayor off Leposavic. Branko Ninic, Mayor of Leposavić, who in the morning met with UNMIK chief Farid Zarif, who had previously met with the Serbs in Jarinje requesting to remove the barricade, to which they received a negative response, told "Politika"" that the Serbs remain at the decision to peacefully protest and to remain at the barricades until the Albanian border police and customs officers are withdrawn from the north."/
18.00 - President Boris Tadic has supported the decision the relevant state authorities to ban all gatherings and so protect citizens from possible violence. 
17:30 Deputy head of UNMIK in Kosovo Robert Sorensen took over the role of mediator between KFOR and Serbs in Jarinje. /,7,12583
16.06 - All public meetings that were scheduled for this weekend, are prohibited the Interior Ministry decided. 
14:33 - Serbian Patriarch Irinej urged the authorities to not let a "Pride Parade" be held, which he called "a parade of shame." Ministry of Internal Affairs banned all public meetings .../

13:00 Jarinje. Source: Beta- KFOR removed the barricade. KFOR soldiers removed the gravel piles that consisted the barricades. Serbs determent to make a new one. 

08:34 -15:55 Source: Beta,  Four workers killed in Landslide. In yesterday's landslide in Belgrade four people were killed. The accident occurred in the Belgrade municipality of Zemun, the settlement of Kalvarija, in Stanko Paunovic street, near "Flora" kindergarten during the restoration of landslides. Day of mourning on Monday. 
Construction workers of "Grading SS" Dusan Kadrijević (18), Nikola Knezevic (24), Milan Brajenović (60) and Vladimir Vasic (26), are victims of tragic accident that occurred during land restoration of Kalvarija park in Zemun, where the the hill from the landslide collapsed on them,  on this occasion one other worker was injured -Obadić Bane (59), who is recovering in intensive care in the Emergency Centre in Belgrade, and minor injuries were sustained by Dragan S, which is on home care. 
 The Honor Court Prosecutor of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers Miodrag Isailović started the process of determining the responsibility of the Association members who participated in the construction of retaining wall in Zemun, where the accident occurred yesterday in which four workers were killed, announced today the chamber. According to the announcement, the prosecutor has information that the investor in this work was  Secretariat for Child Protection, the project of restoration was done by  Geology Institute , the project was supervised by Institute of Transportation CIP, and that the contractor company  is  "Grading SS" from Belgrade. /

10:30 BELGRADE, 30 September 2011. Beta - Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Friday that the police will ban the so called "Pride Parade" on the 2nd of October, if the organizers themselves do not cancel the gathering.

10:00 The situation on the barricades in northern Kosovo today is unchanged, the local Serbs have spent another sleepless night during which there were no incidents. Among citizens at the barricades there is a growing tension due to the announcement from KFOR and the Kosovo institutions that they will force them to remove. 

09:49  Dragan Vasiljkovic, better known as Captain Dragan, has lost today a five-year legal battle in Australia against extradition to Croatia. Federal Court of Australia dismissed an appeal of Vasiljkovic which sought to prevent extradition to Croatia, and he now has a month to appeal to the Supreme Court. If Vasiljkovic, who has Serbian and Australian citizenship, does not appeal to highest court of Australia where he is registered as Daniel Sneden, he could be extradited. He admitted that during the war in Croatia from 1991-93. he served as the Serbian commander, but has repeatedly denied committing war crimes. Croatia's extradition request to Australia was sent in 2006.

08:39 | Source: Tanjug, Danas
The Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia Boris Tadic last night denied that at the meeting of Serbian President and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York there was discussion about  partition of Kosovo, as well as other fabrications from unnamed sources./

20:00 URGENT!
 ZUKORLIC'S PEOPLE barged in the police station! Four young men who were putting up posters in Novi Pazar with the call for a boycott of the population census and the motto "Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sandzak" were legitimized by the police. Since they had no identification on them they were taken to the police station. Shortly after Zukorlic bandits invade with two cars on an enclosed parking area in front of the police station and the police station itself. Threatens the police officers, some of whom had fled, and say "how dare you arrest our people?!" and takes them out of the police station. This showed that the real power in the so-called Sandzak is in the hands of mufti. Who allowed Zukorlic to be stronger than the state of Serbia?!/ Milovan Drecun
16:49 Novi Sad - nineteen year-old D.P. from Futog was taken into custody because he allegedly  threatened Boris Tadic on the social networking site Facebook (Facebook).
14:00 Republican deputy of the Coalition of Albanians from the Presevo Valley Riza Halimi reiterated that the Albanian people from southern Serbia called for a boycott of the forthcoming census of population, because the questionnaires are printed only in Serbian. On the other hand, the president of the National Council of Hungarian Tamas Korhec said that this body would not call for a boycott.  According to him, the right to use their language is not infringed, because the enumerator shall, at the request of citizens have to communicate in Hungarian and submit the questionnaire printed in the Hungarian language, which is available. In Novi Sad recently boulevards, streets and squares are "decorated"with gigantic billboards in which citizens are encouraged to identify themselves in the upcoming census as "Vojvodjani", and not by the nation to which they belong.(!) The billboards are signed by a group from the social network "Facebook" that goes by the name " I am Vojvodjanin/ka" ( I can't even translate it to English right....I wonder who's paying for that kind of campaign...? Another NED kitchen product?)
12:47 "Belgrade has in the forefront candidacy for membership in the EU which is why it unconditionally meets all the requirements of Pristina, leading to a fully independent Kosovo," said Milan Ivanovic. 

12:39 German KFOR soldiers used armored vehicles to set a new blockade on the main road in northern Kosovo, coming out from the base to several hundred meters from the crossing Jarinje towards the Serbian Interior Ministry police checkpoint near Rudnice village. 

12:33 One of the many proofs that the Catholic Church supported the crimes against Jews, Serbs and Roma in WW2 is the fact that the three commanders of the Jasenovac camp were Catholic priests /  

12:00 Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said that NATO is responsible for the situation in northern Kosovo and that Serbia seeks an answer to the question of who ordered the use of fire against civilians at the administrative crossing Jarinje.

11:30 Drivers of the company EUROKOP from Raska who were arrested last week, have arrived in Raska, since the court in Vucitrn has abolished their detention and imposed a measure of expulsion.

11:28 Chairman of the OSCE, Foreign Minister of Lithuania Audronius Ažubalis, called for the renewal of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina as it represents the way forward in solving current problems.

10:46 Key protected witness in the case for war crimes in the village of Klecka ( pending against member of the Kosovo Assembly, Fatmir Limaj) who was found dead in Germany, "apparently committed suicide," said the German police....

10:41 KFOR commander, German General Erhard Drevs worried by the announcement of Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci of the sending Kosovo Judges even sooner to the north of Kosovo, because it is considered, it could lead to even greater turmoil.

10:21 Head of the Belgrade team in a dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said that the situation in northern Kosovo, after the Belgrade delegation proposed several plans for overcoming the crisis peacefully, for which "the international mediators have not had a hearing," is now "stalemate".

09:34 The international military mission in Kosovo (KFOR) today rejected accusations that their members used disproportionate force against unarmed civilians two days ago at the administrative crossing Jarinje.


Serbian National Council of the North of Kosovo and Metohija
 17:00, 18:00 HELICOPTERS Delivering COMBAT VEHICLES to Jarinje ... Around 17:00 hours the white transport helicopter had brought in an armored vehicle to the KFOR base on the Jarinje. At 18:00 hours transport helicopter has brought back another fighting vehicle, apparently, "a unit for connection." Above Jarinje flying helicopters equipped with devices for "thermovision" observations (for night action) .../Source: "Kimenovine" 

16:23 Emergency UN Security Council consultations on the occasion of the conflict of KFOR and Serbs in northern Kosovo. The beginning of Consultations on Kosovo and Syria approximately at 21 hours Central European Time. The consultations, which will presumably take place behind closed doors, have been scheduled since Russia strongly protested against the action of KFOR and EULEX in the north, asking for these missions to respect the principle of neutrality status. 

16:10 The protected witness under the code "X" in the case for war crimes in the village of Klecka, which is being waged against Fatmir Limaj, Kosovo Assembly member, was found dead, KIM Radio has learned. As  EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljević old KIM radio, protected witness "X" was found dead in a park in Germany. "German authorities are investigating the case," said Gudeljević.
16:05 U.S. Embassy in Pristina condemned the attack on a group of 41 workers engaged in the mixed composition of USAID's project for the improvement of communities in the northern part of Mitrovica. In a statement submitted to KIM Radio is said that the victims of attacks are Kosovo Serbs, Kosovo Albanians, Bosnians and others. Unknown persons fired this morning from the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, on the workers who clean the bed of the river Ibar in the north. There were no injured in the incident.
13:05 In  Zupci, near Zubin Potok, a protest rally from which the Serbs from the north conveyed a message that they won't give up the intention to preserve Kosovo and Metohija within the Republic of Serbia. The gathered Serbs condemned KFOR because of the use of violence and stated that due to yesterday's incident violated the trust of Serbs in the international military forces.  Bishop of Raska and Prizren Theodosius spoke to the gathered people: "We are too heavy for someone to move us from this area, and we also have deep roots for someone to pull us out and transplant us to another place," said Theodosius./,7,12542
13:04 Hundred elementary and high school students of Roma communities have received free school supplies for this school year. Backpacks, notebooks, pens and other necesities will facilitate the education of this population that live in difficult socioeconomic conditions in the Roma Mahala in Gracanica./ KiM radio
13:00 UNMIK representatives today attempted to visit the base in Jarinje just to be brutally  expelled. UNMIK representatives were accompanied by a Polish policeman. KFOR reacted negatively, where they were forbidden access to the barricades closer than 10 meters and were immediately required to move away or they will be shot.
12:15 Talks Head of the Belgrade team with Borko Stefanovic EU and U.S. representatives on the latest situation in the north, after clashes between the Serbs and KFOR representatives, and administrative crossings, have been completed. After talking none of the participants spoke to reporters. As Tanjug was told from the diplomatic sources, the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina until further notice will not be continued./KiM radio
10:01 All six injured Serbs shot yesterday by KFOR troops are out of life danger. The health of the most seriously injured patient, who was vitally affected, also improved./
10:00 On the occasion of "World Heart Day", which is celebrated a day later, on Thursday 29 September, today the City Institute of Public Health of Belgrade arranged free preventive checkups for all interested citizens. 
09:46 Physicians from the Health Center in Gracanica condemned KFOR soldiers shooting at an ambulance, and the unarmed citizens in Jarinje. The Health Centre announced that they would send their ambulance and medical crew to the north of province to assist. "Shooting on a clearly marked ambulance certainly can not be justified by mistake or accident, and our collective strongly condemns this act, which is in direct contravention of all norms of law, justice and reason", tells Health Center. Shooting an ambulance and wounded is in direct contravention with the internationally accepted Geneva Convention, reminds this health institution.
09:35 Head of EULEX Xavier de Marnhac condemned yesterday's violence in Jarinje over international community and calls for restraint. The European Union has expressed its full support to the efforts of KFOR and EULEX to defuse the situation. ( How exactly did they difuse the situation by shooting at inarmed people???) In addition, the EU supports the removal of barricades that now restrict the freedom of movement. ( well that depends on whose freedom of movement you are talking about, freedom for one ( namely ROSU) could mean prison or death for the other) 
09:30  Leposavic Municipal Assembly yesterday condemned the violence in Jarinje and asked for protection of the local Serbs. "We demand from all competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia to protect the Serbian population in northern Kosovo that KFOR and EULEX put in a ghetto," said the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Leposavic.
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