Why the WEST supports KOSOVO’s main industry- ORGAN TRADE?

Why the WEST supports KOSOVO’s main industry- ORGAN TRADE?
Why the WEST supports KOSOVO’s main industry- ORGAN TRADE?
In the wake of international criticism over human rights reports concerning Kosovo province  (‘independent state’ wanna-be) , Dick Marty’s report over Human Organ Trafficking was the most shocking of all. Big fish are involved in this horrible atrocity, such as Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Tachi, a former guerrilla leader. Tachi’s inner circle oversaw a KLA gang that murdered and abducted Serbs to sell their kidneys and other body parts on the black market

His KLA- Kosovo Liberation Army, which started as a terrorist organization, ended up ,in the lawless province of Kosovo, as a regular force, revamped into ROSU- special police. This paramilitary terrorist organization is closely linked to Al Qaeda, through a men such as Al Qadi, CIA agent and close acquaintance and money launderer of Osama Bin Laden (ex-CIA agent himself who worked under the code name ‘Tim Osman’ ). 

KLA helped with founding of Al Qaeda training camps in Kosovo, Bosnia and Raska district for a joint fight against Serbs. Other than that, many of the mujahedeens trained there (quiz question- find the link with Hashim Tachi..) were caught in the USA, while committing terrorist attacks.

One of the big names in Organ Trafficking is also Xhavit Haliti, a former head of logistics for the KLA who is now a close ally of the prime minister and a senior parliamentarian in his ruling PDK party

Highly involved in prostitution, weapons and drugs smuggling, black-listed in many countries, this Albanian serves as political and financial adviser to the P.M. Tachi . One of the lesser known facts about Haliti and Tachi - Haliti is "linked" with the grisly murder of Ali Uka- Ali Uka, a reporter in Tirana, who supported the independence movement but criticized it in print, who was brutally disfigured with a bottle and screwdriver in 1997. His roommate at the time was Hashim Thachi.

"The government of Kosovo continues to support the strengthening of the rule of law in Kosovo, and we look forward to the cooperation of our international partners in ensuring that criminality has no place in Kosovo's development", said the Prime Minister Hashim Tachi, who has been strongly backed by NATO powers.  
It is hard to believe that head of a "mafia-like" network responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs during and after the 1998-99 Kosovo war, will be ready to drop his most profitable industry branch – Human Organ trafficking. Having no regular industry, Kosovo province under the Albanian rule, has no other means of survival and funding US Lobbyists for Kosovo’s ‘independence’.

 It is widely known in the Balkans that KLA, Albania and Hashim Tachi have been racketeered by Western powers for the NATO and political help they get. One of the most recent examples is Serbian northern province of Vojvodina
Although for no apparent reason (other than to make Serbia as small and weak as possible) western countries, mainly USA, UK, Germany and Hungary are lobbying for Vojvodina’s independence
 If you take a closer look, you will find out that Vojvodina province is a vast peaceful and fertile plain, Serbian rich pantry, hence the reason for diplomatic and economic robbery. 

KLA’s weapons,drug,and human organ trafficking money, via command of Western powers is laundered through the purchase of  hundreds of thousands of acres in Vojvodina. Most of the Vojvodina territory is bought with KLA’s dirty money through official Croatian companies. 
In the same time Monsanto is knocking at the door of the Serbian corrupt Parliament with their GMO food intended for acquired Vojvodina’s farms. As things stand, Serbs obviously can’t expect justice from international community, their organs will be sold to fund Monsanto and other neo-imperialistic needs of western companies, dickering about Kosovo’s ‘independence’ will be used to make more money from drugs, weapons and human trafficking, to further tearing of Serbia. 

Up until recently, only Serbs were aware of these terrible crimes, will anyone else except the brave Dick Marty, take an interest in them?

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5. UNMIK Investigation Organ Trafficking Kosovo - witnesses testimonies

6. UNMIK Forensic Report - Yellow House -Kosovo
7. Ex-Cia agent Bin Laden aka Tim Osman -document

Kosovo's missing KLA warcrimes

A friend showed me these videos and I thought to share them with you.
Let us, for a change, see the crimes committed against Serbs...Knowing how the mass media have used their influence to blacken the Serbs forever, and the second's obvious lack of training in propaganda war ( if one doesn't count the "OTPOR" and the likes of them, which I won't because they never put it to any good or patriotic use anyway ), Serbs were inflicted by peculiar latent feeling of guilt which, if missing in a person, can seriously block his/hers political or any other carrier in Serbia now days. Having that in mind, one can easily understand why we have a President who continuously apologizes to everyone...Someone should really explain to him that he has already reached that particular peak and he has nowhere to go from there but downwards, so that maybe he would stop that annoying habit of his.
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Video description
"This is a series by Michael Montgomery, a fine journalist connected with the Center for investigative reporting. It shows his fruitful investigations into KLA war crimes, the kidnapping of Serbian men women and children under the eyes of UN peacekeeping troops.

His material formed the basis of the BBC documentary Crossing Continents, which although speaking up about the KLA war crimes, did not have the courage to address the massive failure of the UN peacekeepers in this case.

It also did not ask the important question as to, how on earth the chief prosecutor at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal in the case against Milosevic, Carla Del Ponte, was allowed to sit on the evidence, while the organ harvesting was taking place? This topic was too hot for BBC, who went through great lengths to uniformly demonize the Serbs. How come a tribunal devoted to punishing war crimes, ends up hiding and destroying evidence of the most sadist and sinister war crimes, that took place during the Serbian/Albanian war?"

Serbs remain on the barricades, K.F.O.R. backs off, for the time being...

  Stefan Živković

01:40 p.m. Rudare, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia
American and Slovenian NATO forces arrived around 01:40 p.m in armored vehicles to the Serbian barricades in Rudare village and they threatened the local Serbian population that if people do not remove barricades and open the road towards check point Brnjak in two hours time, K.F.O.R.  will do it by force!

07:00 p.m. KOSOVO AND METOHIA, Serbs remain at the barricades- 29.07.2011

 07:33 p.m. The agreement was achieved for the K.F.O.R. to retrieve. " Don't celebrate this, let's see these people off with dignity. We are close to achieving the agreement on all of the issues, but we have to continue the talks. Stay calm and dignified. General Biler realized that everything is better than the conflict." said Borko Stefanovic.

07:35 p.m. "Please stay just the way you were today. Even the smallest incident will gravely endanger the efforts that, not only we, but also the state leadership is making. There is a perception in Pristina that we at north, are people who try to achieve everything by force. Today, we showed them that's not true. " the Minister for Kosovo and Metohia, Goran Bogdanovic said, addressing the gathered crowd in Rudare.

07:41 p.m. "General Biler said that K.F.O.R. is retreating tonight, but that next time they won't tolerate any barricades and certainly use force to facilitate the freedom of movement" said the Mayor of the municipality Zvecani, Dragisa Milovic.

Kosovo: UNMIK Forensic Report Organ Trafficing

Staged Riots at Northern Kosmet

That something is "rolling behind the hill" became obvious when the Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Ivica Dacic stated that he " is worried about the possibility of violent integration of Kosovo and Metohia and the repeating of another exodus such as 'Storm' " After this statement, the situation at the administrative crossings in the north of the province started escalating and culminated by the Jarinje check-point being set on fire
According to the mainstream media, the check-point was set on fire by the group of young men covering their heads with masks and hoods, who previously threw torches and Molotov at the K.F.O.R. members. The reports state that these are extremists who were deaf to the pleads of Kosmet Serbs not to provoke chaos.

Is it possible that these are the same "extremists" who, by the Intelligence Service's orders, for years now, interrupt rallies, rob stores, attack police and set buildings on fire, any time the citizens try to legitimately and peacefully express their discontent?

If we consider the fact that these groups contain a lot of football fans, it becomes clear that the Secret services are behind it,because some state officials earlier openly admitted that the leaders of the football fans are in the service of political parties.
Besides, it was revealed that the football fans, "extremists" and "right wing organizations" are led by the foreign secret services, mainly by the CIA , who uses them to cause riots. That way, the authorities are given the reason to impose even bigger control, more video surveillance cameras, more police state.

In the case of the riots in the north of Kosmet, the "extremists" serve the purpose of giving the reason to impose even more stringent control on the so called administrative crossings, but also for what the Minister Dacic called "the new Storm", which would result in the displacement of those few remaining Serbs who stayed in Kosovo and Metohia.

Original article "Режирани нереди на северу Космета" by "Srbija Danas" 28.07.2011
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