Mila Aleckovic-Nikolic: Libya and the French "Botulism"

Mila Aleckovic

Great article by Mila Aleckovic-Nikolic, written last year, during the military aggression on Libya. I can not translate the whole article, since Mila is a master of using Serbian language in such a way that any translation I could accomplish wouldn't do it justice. Here is just an excerpt so you who don't understand Serbian, can get a taste of true Serbian resistance that this woman embodies.

"Philosopher Jean-Baptiste Botul who "wrote" the book "The Sexual Life of Emmanuel Kant" never existed, and that name, as the book itself are entirely fictitious. Invented by a group of French authors who wanted to show what the clinical picture of an ambitious megalomaniac hysteric, who continually confabulates, invents and falsifies, looks like. And they succeeded.

Batajnica 2012: We do not want NATO killers on Serbian sky

Delighted citizens posing next to the banner "NATO FUCK OFF"

In the campaign, "We do not want NATO killers on Serbian sky" activist of organizations Serbian National Movement OURS, KANON and Serbian Step, as well as a number of citizens present, booed the delegations of U.S. and NATO in front of the F16 aircraft at the air show "Batajnica 2012" in Belgrade, according to statement that arrived at the address of our editorial board.

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