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The kidney in a jar for Jahjaga

One of the previous protests of the "Friends of the Kosovo Serbs"

BELGRADE: The Czech "Friends of Kosovo Serbs" have demonstrated in the center of Prague against the conference "Forum 2000", held under the auspices of Vaclav Havel from the 9th to 11th of October. It was their protest against the official invitation and participation of the so-called president of the unrecognized state of Kosovo Atifeta Jahjaga in the discussion about human rights in the world, while at the same time the international community hijacks the southern Serbian province, and holds Kosovo Serbs in the ghetto. On this occasion Atifeta Jahjaga ,whome President Vaclav Klaus refused to receive, was 'welcomed' with a human kidney and a liver in a jar, reminding her and other participants of the Forum of the unpunished crimes from "the Yellow House". http://serbiasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/why-west-supports-kosovos-main-industry.html

Once Yellow House, now painted in White...
 During the protest, Czech intellectuals , as always , developed a banner "Kosovo is Serbian", considering that this is guaranteed by the the UN Resolution 1244, that ended the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In another banner they made it clear that the unrecognized Kosovo is a heroin state. Curious passers-by, as our Czech friends wrote on their web site after the protest, either passed them by without any reaction or showed their support with thumbs up.

Gracko survivors blame NATO

 Serbia S.O.S. found this great article dated back in August, 1999, on Emperor's Clothes Website.  Check it out for more great articles on former Yugoslavia.

                             Gracko survivors blame NATO 

Introduction by Jared Israel (August, 1999)

The letter below written by residents of Gracko, the Kosovo town where KLA terrorists murdered 14 Serbian farmers on July 23, 1999. KFOR is of course the latest alias for NATO. NATO is in turn very much under the control of the US government. So as the late Mr. Truman said, the buck stops there

We'd love to help but...

The letter notes that Gracko residents repeatedly begged the local British KFOR (that is NATO) forces for protection. KFOR repeatedly declined. Must beg off; previously engaged. Take a rain check?

The crimes against Serbs in Kosovo are still unsolved

The killing of children in Gorazdevac, Stolic family in Obilic, Serbs in Livadica, the harvesters in Staro Gracko are just some of the crimes committed against Kosovo Serbs, that are still unsolved. UNMIK investigators, failed to find either the perpetrators or accomplices. Progress in uncovering the truth has not been made by EULEX either.
An investigation into the killings of children in the Bistrica River in  Gorazdevac, that EULEX took over from UNMIK is closed, because investigators concluded that the mission does not have enough evidence and witnesses to discover the truth.
EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljević says the unavailability of witnesses is the biggest problem.
"If you appear on the scene of the crime ten years later you will face with the fact that people are no longer available or are unwilling to testify. Any officially closed investigation can be opened again by the prosecutor if  new evidence is available that can trigger the investigation forward. For other cases that have occurred, they are not closed, "said Gudeljević.
In the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs, they consider UNMIK responsible for the fact that perpetrators of numerous murders and attacks on the Serbs were not detected until now, who at the time when the event took place was in charge of the police and judiciary.
"For some failures made by UNMIK and EULEX I can not take that responsibility. For me there is this maxim that justice is slow, but that the perpetrators eventually have to come out, "said Bajram Rexhepi, Kosovo's Interior Minister.
The representative of the European Movement of Serbs, Rada Trajkovic said that the destruction of evidence and witness intimidation are the main reasons that the perpetrators of crimes against the Serbs have not been discovered.
"Is it done by the locals that are installed within international institutions, by the corrupt individuals within the international mission, or the international representatives- I do not know, but the result of all this is that, unfortunately, to this day the killing of Serbs remained unpunished," said Trajkovic.
Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija and Kosovo police have asked the EULEX to take over the investigation into the killing and wounding of members of Putnik family, that occurred in Zrze near Orahovac, last weekend. However, in the EULEX thay claim that the decision about whether to take the case, has not yet been reached.
The EU mission in Kosovo confirmed that the Prosecutor of the Special team to investigate allegations of organ trafficking and his associates in the coming weeks is traveling to Albania for the purpose of bringing the investigation to clear conclusions.

Original article in Serbian: http://www.radiokim.net/?cid=3,7,12672

PM Hashim Thaci: The Monster of Kosovo

We stumbled upon this article by an AMERICAN DEFENSE LEAGUE (ADL) about Kosovo's de facto Prime Minister Hashim Thaci regarding his involvement in organ trade, "Yellow house" and Kosovo mafia. Also there are some pretty strong accusations about Boris Yelcin taking bribe in exchange for his silence during the bombing of FRY in 1999 and his promise not to arm the Serbs, from the Swiss account of MABEX owned by Pacoli. As usual, the symbol for manipulation and funding of regime change everywhere -Soros appears here also as a supporter of Kosovo mafia. Here is the full article:

"It was Council of Europe Investigator Dick Marty’s Swiss Investigation that led to the accusation that the installed Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) terrorists were the organizers and leaders behind the kidnapping of Serbs, who were mostly young people, off the streets of Kosovo and then transporting them to the Yellow House in the Albanian mountains for the sole purpose of extracting their organs and selling them throughout Europe.

It was in 1999, after cocaine-addicted philanderer Bill Clinton’s nasty bombing of the Serbian Christians, and after the entry of KFOR into Kosovo, that the ethnic Albanians kidnapped the Serbs who remained in Kosovo and took them to that “yellow house” in Albania.

On August 29, John Clint Williamson was named lead U.S. prosecutor in a task force set up to investigate allegations that PM Hashim Thaci led the criminal network raised in a report last year by Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty.

Three days ago the Turkish prosecutor has requested a court sentence of 171 years for of the Kosovo Turkish doctor, Dr. Yusuf Sonmez,  that was involved in the contemptible business of extracting the young Serb’s organs.

The parents, brothers and sisters of the Serbs who were kidnapped and whose organs were harvested were never able to recover the bodies of their loved ones. 

The former prosecutor in The Hague, Carla Del Ponte, was the first person to trace the trade of the bodies and organs and she published it in a book called The Hunt. Then Dick Marty continued the investigation into this.  It is certain that more than one thousand Serbs were kidnapped from Kosovo, under the protection of KFOR, and taken to the “yellow house” in the mountains of Northern Albania from the hospital in Pristina within four days.

Carla Del Ponte was lucky enough to escape an assassination attempt on her life when they discovered half a ton of explosives planted in the foundations of her Palermo home.

And the plot thickens.
Fatmir Limaj and Hashim Thaci
Behgjet Pacolli and Hashim Thaci
On September 29,  last Thursday, Witness X, Agim Zogaj, apparently committed suicide just before testifying against one of the most prominent Kosovo politicians, Fatmir Lamij,  for Kosovo War Crimes.  The same Fatmir Lamij that George Soros has reached an agreement with on the exploitation of mineral wealth in Kosovo.
Soros has funded the Albanian Mafia and with his interest in Kosovo’s mineral wealth, with the help of Fatmir Lamij and Bedjeta Pecolija, owner of MABTEKS in Lugano Switzerland, he wants to take over.  The same people who were involved in now deceased President of Russia Boris Yeltsin’s betrayal of the Serbs where $10,000,000 was transfered from the Swiss Account of MABTEKS  to a Russian account  in February, 1999, two months before the bombing of Serbia, out of which $26,000 was spent in Budapest by none other than Boris Yeltsin’s daughter Tajana Yeltsin. 

A $10,000,000 bribe was given to President Yeltsin in exchange for his silence during the bombing of Serbia, and a promise that they wouldn’t arm the Serbians.  Bribes from the Albanian mafia and foreign manipulators.

The Swiss Attorney General goes to the position of Plaintiff in the Hague.  His salary is $1,000,000.   Only to silence Carla Del Ponte.

With this level of corruption it is unlikely that PM Hashim Thaci and his KLA collaborators in crime will ever be prosecuted.  The web of deceit is embedded in the very global institutions and the global manipulators and criminals who run them.   And the monster of Kosovo and his KLA collaborators in this atrocity will have free reign to commit further crimes with impunity."

ORIGINAL ARTICLE:  http://americandefenseleague.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/pm-hashim-thaci-the-monster-of-kosovo/

One Serb kiled, another wounded in an ambush in Kosovo

Aleksandar Putnik (51) from Velika Hoca died in hospital in Prizren from received wounds. He and his 25 year-old son Dobrica were shot in the back around 2:30 last night in a village near Orahovac, Zrze. 
His son was wounded in hand and stomach and his state is not life-threatening.

The father was the first that got shot. His son Dobrica was shot in the neck from a hunting rifle, while trying to help him, and according to KIM radio information he got wounded in the arm too. 

Dobrica, after being wounded, managed to race in the car, drove a few hundred meters, after which the car flew off the road and overturned.

 Mayor of Orahovac Marian Saric said in a statement to KIM Radio that the injured Dobrica, who after being wounded is taken cared for in hospital in Prizren, has lost much blood and has shrapnel all over his body, but that he is out of life danger. According to Saric's words, the body of the murdered Alexander Putnik is sent for the autopsy to Pristina.

"This is a great tragedy. We are living in fear for 12 years. This is another in a series of incidents and attacks that makes it clear that we are not protected, "Saric said. 
Kosovo police spokesman for the region of Prizren, Hazir Berisha said that the father and son were shot last night just after midnight when they left the restaurant. He didn't mantion possible motive for the attack.

"It is believed that these people were shot in an ambush as they emerged from the restaurant. The police closed crime scene investigation and raided several locations in the vicinity of the restaurant in Zrze, where the killing and wounding occurred," said Berisha.

According to unofficial statements the Serbs were shot from a 7.62 millimeter weapon, probably made in China. Shots were fired from a moving vehicle.

Blic /  http://www.blic.rs/Vesti/Politika/280525/Ubijen-Srbin-kod-Djakovice-sin-ranjen 
KIM radio /   http://www.radiokim.net/?cid=3,7,12595 


    Violence has flared again in Northern Kosovo after NATO troops brutally dispersed a crowd of Serbian protesters [on their own homeland]  at a makeshift roadblock, firing live ammunition at peaceful demonstrators, and have now established an armed presence in the area.
Over 100 KFOR troops arrived at the scene on Friday and forced the Serbs to leave the then-intact barricade, threatening the use of lethal force. KFOR said they would shoot anyone who failed to comply. They also ordered journalists to leave the immediate area.  NATO’s force in Kosovo has said it will shoot to kill anyone who crosses a barricaded area near the disputed checkpoint on Serbia's border with Kosovo, reports RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky.
Allied pro-Kosovo forces then brought in bulldozers and demolished the barricade built by ethnic Serbs on the Kosovo side of the border with Serbia. 

But Serbs at the remaining barricades say they will not leave their positions.
We have lost a battle, but not the whole war,” they told RT.
The  Serbs added that their move to erect barricades in Kosovo is driven by fear that Belgrade might abandon them in pursuit of EU membership.
Ethnic Serbs are more determined than ever to show that they do not wish to be part of the Kosovo republic.  
"They are telling us to leave but we have nowhere to go," explained Petra, a local resident. “This is because Kosovo is our land, our home and our life. It seems that we are on our own now and we will stand our ground.”
After peacefully retreating from the barricades, the Serbs established another makeshift checkpoint by putting two large trucks on a bridge, thus blocking access to northern Kosovo for the KFOR troops.  

The situation remains tense but not violent with Serbs pulling back and grouping at a nearby bridge block post. The barricade secured by NATO troops is just one of about half a dozen constructed by Serbs, so the stand-off is continuing and an escalation of tension remains a possibility. RT’s correspondent reports that he saw a group of Serbs tearing down a road sign posted by KFOR, indicating that their fighting spirit is far from lost.
Still, more than 10 wounded people remain in hospital in the town of Mitrovice after Tuesday’s clashes with KFOR forces. Some of them have bullet wounds.  

RT spoke to them to get first-hand information about the clashes.
We were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us,” recalls injured Aleksander Radunovic. “I did not know what they were shooting with so I got scared and started running away. Then I thought I had been hit on the shoulder, but it turned out I had received a perforating wound of my lung.

Significantly, KFOR and NATO are trying to convince the public that they only used rubber bullets and tear gas grenades against the Serbs to pacify them. But doctors in the local hospital told RT that the patients have unmistakable gunshot wounds.
“We received seven men in a serious condition: gunshot wounds, fractures and bruises – they were not rubber bullets, not a single one of them had rubber bullet wounds,” revealed the head surgeon of Mitrovica hospital, Radomir Ivankovic. “All those wounds were caused by regular bullets which we extracted from the bodies [of injured].

The conflict zone in Kosovska Mitrovica is split between the Albanians and the Serbs, and as RT’s crew witnessed last night, the latter are currently reinforcing their barricades with fresh piles of sandbags being placed across roads to block access to KFOR forces and the Kosovo police.
NATO helicopters are bringing additional troops to the conflict zone, and are reported to be flying over the border crossings approximately every 30 minutes.
There has been a strong international response on this week’s developments in Kosovo.
The US has accused Serbs of provoking violence, while the Russian Foreign ministry has expressed deep concern over the situation in Kosovo, saying that this conflict, largely perceived as a border incident, could destabilize the situation in the whole region.
Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has criticized NATO for a crude breach of the UN resolution on Kosovo, saying the alliance has failed to remain neutral.
In this situation, NATO has definitely taken Pristina’s side,Rogozin told Russia’s TV channel Rossiya 24.  

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has also expressed deep concern over news suggesting an emergency carriage taking the injured to hospital was fired on by Kosovo forces during Tuesday clashes at the disputed checkpoint.

On Wednesday, members of the United Nations Security Council gathered for emergency consultations in New York to discuss the situation in southern Serbia, but failed to reach a common stance on the conflict in the turbulent region.
On Thursday, Kosovo's Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi said that roadblocks put up by local Serbs will be removed, pledging, though, that ethnic Albanian-dominated authorities will make no unilateral moves, AP reports. The removal of barriers is “inevitable” as they prevent “freedom of movement for people and goods,'' the minister said, adding that any action would be coordinated with the NATO-led KFOR forces and the European Union mission.

[source: NATO issues Kosovo shoot to kill warning - > http://rt.com/news/kosovo-kfor-clash-serbs-771/ ]

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